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27 February 2024 Work clothes washing: how to remove grease stains with SPOT LESS

If normally on our blog we talk about products useful for cleaning floors and surfaces in general, this time we deal with a professional detergent useful when it comes to removing and degreasing even the most stubborn dirt and bad smell, like workshop oil, from overalls and work clothes. Mechanics, but not only, that you […]

19 February 2024 Cleaning and treatment of outdoor composite wood

In the famous seaside resort of Viareggio, along the picturesque promenade, there is an attic that preserves one of the best kept secrets of the area: a composite wooden floor for outdoor use that, despite the weather, has regained new life thanks to the expert intervention of the artisans of Emilia & Pippo. What is […]

11 January 2024 How to remove the stubborn limestone from the shower glass?

If there is a bathroom component difficult to clean that is the shower glass! When it comes to cleaning, the shower in general and the shower enclosure glass in particular, are a real nightmare. With this lapidary statement we believe we can express and summarize at the same time one of the most recurring thoughts […]

6 November 2023 Micro floor: guide to treatment

The microcement has become a popular choice for flooring and wall coverings due to its modern aesthetics and durability. However, to keep it in top condition over time, it is essential to follow an appropriate initial treatment and schedule proper maintenance. In this articlecheap yeezy shoes luvme human hair wigs best male sex toys adidas […]

19 September 2023 External maintenance for the winter

With the arrival of September, the transition from summer to winter is almost upon us. This is the perfect time to spend some time cleaning and maintaining your house’s exterior. During the year, natural elements such as rain, wind and cold can leave their mark on stone and wood materials, but with a little attention […]

4 August 2023 How to Clean and Repair Marble Surfaces

Why Marble Requires Special Care and How to Keep It Shining Marble is a valuable material and widely used for its beauty and durability. However, precisely because it is so special, it requires special care to keep it shining over time. In custom hockey jerseys motagua jersey jordan max aura 4 cheap yeezy shoes yeezy […]

31 July 2023 Heat, mosquitoes and lemongrass stains

How to effectively remove wax and citronella oil stains from floors Summer has arrived, time for outdoor dinners with friends and chatting in the garden, all in the company of useful candles scented with lemongrass, our best ally to keep away the annoying mosquitoes. However, it often happens to discover that hateful stains are created […]

25 January 2023 How to refurbish your porcelain floor

If it’s time to polish the floor of the house and if the cleaning must be carried out on a porcelain tiles floor it is necessary, as we always advise, to use specific products for an ideal result. The protagonists of this cleaning are the POWER DET and the BLUE BUFFER: let’s see together how […]

16 December 2022 Remove oil stains: how to remove them without leaving a trace

Among the consequences of the lunches and dinners that await us during the Christmas holidays there is not only the one related to a certain heaviness of the stomach, but also the stains of oil and vegetable and animal fats that we, or our diners, can leave on the surfaces around the laid tables. For […]

4 August 2021 Slate floor: here is the treatment and cleaning procedure

Do you want to recover your slate floor? By reading this article you will find the right craftsman and products to carry out the treatment Make your slate floor shine again!