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Slate floor: here is the treatment and cleaning procedure

4 August 2021

Ms. Luisa’s slate floor was degraded, but with the help of the Clean & Co craftsman and Marbec products, it has returned to shine as it once was.

With today’s article we will talk about the treatment of a slate floor in Caslino d’Erba, a town in the province of Como, known above
all for the production of goat cheese. The work was carried out with the help of Marbec products by the craftsman of Clean & Co, a Lombard company specialized in the recovery, cleaning and treatment of surfaces in porcelain tiles, cotto, stone, marble and slate. And the surface concerning our work is precisely in slate. Let’s find out better the characteristics of this particular material.

Slate: characteristics and use

It is a metamorphic rock born from the progressive sedimentation of a silt resulting from the fragmentation of the reliefs.
Its origins date back to about 2200 years ago in the Ligurian region, in fact near the city of Lavagna a necropolis was found consisting of tombs entirely made with this material. Widely used even in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it recently had an exploit in furnishing and interior decoration (household items, benches, shelves …) and is excellent as a roof covering. Very resistant to fire and impact,
it is also suitable for the construction of internal or external floor and steps of stairs, but in particular it is known which is the most famous slate object even to the little ones: the blackboard! And therefore, as you can guess, the name derives from the city of Liguria where the material is extracted.

Marbec | slate board

Despite being characterized by a strong resistance to atmospheric agents and a marked property to allow itself to be cut into very
thin sheets without breaking or cracking, slate remains a material with a strong delicacy, which needs to be treated with
professionality and with the right products. Unfortunately, if it is not treated quite frequently, this particular material tends
to degrade, as well as being very sensitive to acid substances (such as vinegar), which lead to the formation of numerous halos
on the surface. The Clean & Co craftsman, with his experience and skill, managed to recover a slate floor using a series of
Marbec products created to maintain, correct and recover these types of surfaces. So let’s see what this work consisted of in all its phases.

Ms. Luisa was planning to replace her slate floor as it was completely stained, haloed and had lost the uniformity of the past.

Marbec | slate floor before dewaxing

After turning to Marbec and showing the photos of the surface with its degraded and no longer uniform treatment, we put in contact
with our Clean & Co craftsman, guaranteeing a floor restoration treatment. Let’s find out the steps.

Restoration of a slate floor

The floor was dirty with debris, dust and construction residues, but the real problem was the presence of a very dense layer of wax
that over time had blocked the surface porosity of the tile, making it almost smooth. First, the very good
the craftsman intervened by removing the old treatment that was no longer uniform by distributing the pure SGRISER product, a
strong de-waxing detergent for stone materials, leaving it to act for a few minutes and then intervening with the aid of a single disc machine equipped with tynex disc.

Marbec SGRISER 1LT | strong de-waxing detergent for stone materials
Wax remover for removing old oil and / or wax treatments from stone materials in cotto, stone, concrete and grit. It cleans and deeply degreases surfaces soiled with oils, greases and biological encrustations.


SGRISER has dissolved the old treatment restoring the natural state of the stone and preparing it for the new protection. The main
feature of the new treatment is the creation of a black wet effect without the formation of any film, which returns the stone to its
original brilliance.

Marbec | floor during de-waxing with Sgriser

The action of SGRISER was to attack and soften the old treatment, which was then removed by the mechanical action of the tynex brush. Finally, the craftsman proceeded to rinse with water and a single disc machine equipped with a nylon brush to remove all the residues
from the de-waxing operation.

After 24 hours, on a clean and dry floor, the professional applied with a fleece wax spreader a coat of BRIGHTSTONE NERO, a
black stain-resistant impregnating protective agent for color correction of black stones, marbles and slates
evenly covering all the tiles. After a few minutes, the excess product not absorbed by the stone was removed by the action of the
single disc machine equipped with a white disc.

MARBEC | BRIGHTSTONE BLACK 1LT Correcting impregnating agent for marble and black slate
Black stain-resistant protective impregnating agent, specific for restoring the color of black, corroded and bleached stones and slates


Once BRIGHTSTONE NERO is dry (6/8 hours), the craftsman applied a coat of the anti-wear stain-resistant finish
IDROFIN MATT , in order to protect the pigmented primer protection and increase the wear and dirt resistance of the final treatment.

MARBEC | IDROFIN MATT 1lt Anti-dirt, anti-wear matt finish for stone materials
Finisher for completing the treatment on surfaces in cotto, stone, grit placed inside.
Over time it protects the basic treatment of the material and its initial aesthetic characteristics.


At the end of the treatment, the floor has recovered its uniformity, beauty and aesthetic and protective characteristics.

Marbec | action with Brightstone Black slate floor

Maintenance of a slate floor

The conservation treatment of the initial treatment has the function of preserving the initial protective anti-stain, anti-wear and
anti-dirt characteristics over time, facilitating routine maintenance over time. The latter consists of washing the floor with a very diluted solution of UNIPUL, a concentrated sanitizing detergent for hard surfaces, and applying REFIX MATT, once every 6/12 months (depending on wear and foot traffic), an opaque wax for the maintenance of cotto and stone floors.

Marbec - UNIPUL LT 1 | concentrated universal sanitizing detergent
Detergent for extraordinary and / or ordinary cleaning
of all hard surfaces: cotto, stone, concrete, ceramic materials, wood, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces.
Effective even at low concentrations of use. Low foaming.


MARBEC - REFIX MATT 1LT | opaque maintenance wax for cotto and stone floors
Ordinary maintenance wax for absorbent stone materials placed inside: it protects, revives and preserves the aesthetic and protective characteristics of the initial treatment over time.


And so, Mrs. Luisa’s slate floor has returned to shine as it once was, recovering its lost natural beauty.

Marbec | slate floor before and after treatment

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