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How to remove the stubborn limestone from the shower glass?

11 January 2024

If there is a bathroom component difficult to clean that is the shower glass!

When it comes to cleaning, the shower in general and the shower enclosure glass in particular, are a real nightmare.

With this lapidary statement we believe we can express and summarize at the same time one of the most recurring thoughts of the minds of housewives and housewives, who are punctually struggling with the cleaning of the shower.
Whitening the shower tray, making the taps shine, eliminate the stubborn limestone from the shower glass, are really unpleasant and challenging actions.

Very often when we find ourselves setting up our bathrooms, for a matter of convenience, we choose the shower instead of the bath, but for cleaning this choice is a wrong choice!
Yes, the shower allows us to clean more quickly and easily, but to keep it daily sanitized and clean, we can not talk about practicality.


Compared to cleaning the bath, the shower requires a lot of extra attention, especially if we focus on the most complicated part to clean: the shower stall. Effortlessly clean the shower glass in fact, it’s not easy at all!

Whether it’s plastic or glass, every time we indulge in a well-deserved shower, this cabin “sprinkles” with stains and halos of any kind.
Soap residue, water splash, limestone, all together, if not eliminated immediately, persist to welcome us as soon as we enter the bathroom. Do not despair though, although very tiring, having a shower stall always shining is not impossible. Using suitable and quality professional products, we can in a few steps make it shine every day. Let’s find out now how to do for eliminate stubborn limestone from the shower glass.

Why eliminating stubborn limestone from the shower glass is so important?

Shower is used daily. This means that every day, on the shower stall you can deposit residues of any type.
Residues that if not cleaned properly can help to ruin the structure of our shower. Just think of the drops of water that contribute to overall limestone, the number one enemy of crystal transparency.
Attacked by limestone in fact, our glass in the long term will lose luster and become opaque.

3 Fundamental actions to eliminate stubborn limestone from the shower glass

Every day, as soon as the shower is over, to prevent and eliminate the limescale, remember to dry each time the glass with a soft cloth or using the help of a wiper brush.

Subsequently to eliminate stubborn limestone from the shower glass we can spray on the entire surface SHOWER BRILL: a descaling protective detergent, ideal for cleaning and eliminating limestone without the need for rinsing.
Thanks to its formula, SHOWER BRILL creates on the material an invisible protective film, which prevents the deposit of limestone and soap residues.

In case you need a more intense action, the best solution to clean in depth and eliminate dirt that has formed over time is: SANI-KAL FORTE combined with WHITE BUFFER.
It is a descaling acid detergent with a controlled action that removes from the surfaces deposits of limestone, stains of urine and rust, encrusted soap residues, to be used in combination with WHITE BUFFER following these indications:

  • Spray the product directly on the surface;
  • Rub with soft cloth or in case of large deposits of limestone with WHITE BUFFER;
  • Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

Another secret ally: RE-CRYSTAL BOX

Contrary to common belief, it is not necessary to take hours to rub and dry to remove limestone from the shower glass. This is where another of our secret allies comes into play: an effective descaling treatment like RE-CRYSTAL BOX. This product is the best scale remover for shower enclosures: it is a polishing cream that polishes and eliminates both haloes and traces of limestone difficult to remove, ensuring that your shower glass ruined by limestone remains free of it for a prolonged period.

As we said, to keep the shower glass impeccable you can make the cleaning descaling and stain remover with RE-CRYSTAL BOX combined with the MAGIC SPONGE MARBEC. This product is suitable for use with felt discs and electric drill, but also with other rotating polishing equipment. Let’s see together how to remove the limestone from the shower glass by following these simple steps for an effective and effortless cleaning:

  • Product Application: Shake the RE-CRYSTALBOX well. Pour the product onto the MARBEC MAGIC SPONGE. Spread the product evenly over the glass surface.
  • Wait and Rub: Leave RE-CRYSTALBOX on for about two to three minutes. Moisten the MARBEC MAGIC SPONGE with water. Rub the surface of the glass repeatedly with circular movements.
  • Rinse and Dry: Rinse the surface with VETRONET or simple water. Dry the area with a microfiber cloth.

RE-CRYSTAL BOX is easy and safe to use, does not leave haloes at the end of use, does not scratch and is the ideal solution to clean shower glass from limestone. However, it is important to be careful not to apply this product on materials characterized by a low surface hardness, such as laminates, plastics, painted or lacquered surfaces, and satin and opaque glasses, as these types of materials could be affected or abrasion.

These simple measures will also make daily cleaning easier and our well-deserved showers more relaxing.

The products of the article
  • 4.34€


    Anti-scale protective detergent to keep the surfaces of the bathrooms clean and shiny over time. It removes limestone residues and forms an invisible protection that prevents them, ensuring a long-lasting and effective cleaning and protection.

  • 3.56€


    Strong descaling detergent for surfaces that are tenaciously encrusted by deposits of limestone, urine, soap residues and rust stains. Leave the surfaces clean, shiny and bright.

  • 20.89€


    Re-polishing cream for the crystals of shower boxes, glass, and shiny mirrors. Cleans, degreases, polishes, and removes halos and traces of limescale that are difficult to remove. It renews glass and crystal surfaces.

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