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20.89 VAT Included

  • Glass cleaning

Polishing cream for glass and shower box

Re-polishing cream for the crystals of shower boxes, glass, and shiny mirrors. Cleans, degreases, polishes, and removes halos and traces of limescale that are difficult to remove. It renews glass and crystal surfaces.

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Characteristics and use:

RE-CRYSTALBOX liquid cream for the extraordinary descaling and stain remover cleaning of the crystals of the shower boxes, glass, and shiny mirrors.


  • cleans, degreases and re-polish opaque glass surfaces from the use or incrustations of limestone, adhesive residues, oxidation patinas, etc. ;
  • removes halos and traces of hard-to-remove limestone;
  • is safe to use and contains neither acids nor solvents;
  • works by mechanical action and should be applied by rubbing with energy with SPONGICLEAN MARBEC sponge;
  • does not leave halos after use and does not scratch;
  • is suitable for use with felt discs and electric drills or other rotary polishing equipment.

Do not apply on materials with low surface hardness such as plastics, laminates, and painted or lacquered surfaces which could be nicked or abraded. Do not apply on satin and opaque glass.

How to use

Apply on clean and deeply descaled surfaces. We recommend the preventive use of SANI-KAL FORTE and WHITE BUFFER to perform an extraordinary descaling cleaning.

  • Shake the package well before use;
  • Pour the product on the SPONGICLEAN MARBEC sponge and wet the surface evenly;
  • Leave the product to act for 2-3 minutes without letting it dry;
  • Moisten the SPONGICLEAN MARBEC sponge with water and rub the applied product repeatedly on the surface making circular movements until the limescale deposits have been removed;
  • Rinse the surface with water or VETRONET detergent and dry with a microfibre cloth;
  • Repeat if necessary.


  • approximately 250 gr 5/10 m2 depending on the incrustations to be removed.


  • SANI-KAL FORTE Descaling detergent for cleaning glass, crystal, ceramic, and sanitary ware;
  • WHITE BUFFER Sponge without abrasives for the extraordinary cleaning of delicate and non-delicate surfaces;
  • VETRONET Detergent for ordinary cleaning of glass, mirrors, polished marble, and glossy ceramic coatings.


Have you ever tried RE-CRYSTALBOX for cleaning shower enclosure crystals, glass and shiny mirrors?

With RE-CRYSTALBOX you can finally achieve brilliant and impeccable results in cleaning these surfaces. RE-CRYSTALBOX is an innovative and highly effective product that allows you to easily remove dirt, limestone and halos from your crystals effortlessly. Its advanced formula penetrates deep into the surfaces, ensuring a deep and lasting cleaning. Whether it’s a matte shower enclosure due to limestone or a mirror fogged due to water vapor, RE-CRYSTALBOX is the ideal solution to restore transparency and original shine. Do not miss the opportunity to try RE-CRYSTALBOX to get amazing results in cleaning your crystals. Rediscover the beauty of your shiny surfaces with ease and efficiency thanks to this innovative product.

What are the main features that make RE-CRYSTALBOX an ideal product for crystal cleaning?

RE-CRYSTALBOX is the ideal product for crystal cleaning thanks to its exceptional characteristics. This innovative product has been specially formulated to ensure a flawless and durable cleaning of the crystals, leaving them shiny and transparent as new. One of the main features of RE-CRYSTALBOX is its powerful cleansing formula. Thanks to its advanced composition, this product can effectively remove the most stubborn dirt from crystals, such as fingerprints, dust residues and grease. Another feature that makes RE-CRYSTALBOX an ideal product for crystal cleaning is its ease of use. Just pour a small amount of product on the SPONGICLEAN MARBEC sponge and rub with energy, working a little at a time. No complicated procedures are needed: with RE-CRYSTALBOX you will get amazing results quickly and easily. In conclusion, the main features of RE-CRYSTALBOX make it the ideal product for crystal cleaning.



Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request.
Contains: Mixture of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one [EC no. 247-500-7] and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3: 1). It can cause an allergic reaction.

Ingredients compliant with Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004:
Anionic surfactants <5%

UFI: 3V90-40VR-900G-RDU3


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