15.80VAT Included

15.80VAT Included


15.80VAT Included

15.80VAT Included
  • Anti-dirty protective agent

Stain protection for porcelain tiles

Product for the stain-resistant treatment of porcelain tiles. It drastically reduces the absorption of dirt, facilitating and speeding up ordinary cleaning.

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Characteristics and use:

ANTISPORCO is an anti-stain protective product specific for matt, glossy or lapped porcelain tiles floors and walls.


  • forms an invisible anti-stain chemical barrier on the surface, which does not create films and does not alter the appearance and the color tone of the material;
  • is a water-based product, odorless, non-dangerous, and easy to use;
  • protects porcelain tiles  and joints from daily dirt;
  • reduces the absorption of the material, facilitates and speeds up ordinary cleaning;
  • reduces the use of detergents;
  • if applied before the filling of the porcelain tiles floors, avoids that the filler settles in the microporosities of the material, making easier the post-construction cleaning;
  • has a duration of 6/12 months depending on foot traffic and washing and can be easily reapplied.

How to use

  • Shake well before use;
  • Apply ANTISPORCO only on perfectly clean and dry surfaces;
  • Spray small quantities of product on the surface and distribute evenly with a soft cloth;
  • The surface dries in about 10/15 minutes and can be walked on;
  • Achieves the maximum stain protection after approximately 12 hours. During this time, avoid washing the surface with water;
  • Any excess product after drying must be removed by wiping with a damp cloth of ANTISPORCO on the surface.

It is recommended to apply ANTISPORCO after the extraordinary stain remover cleaning carried out with POWER DET or the periodic extraordinary cleaning with GRES LINDO, in order to thoroughly clean the porcelain tiles before application.


  • approximately 1 lt / 40-60 m².


  • GRES LINDO Specific degreasing detergent for ordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles surfaces;
  • GRES BRILL Descaling detergent specific for ordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles surfaces.


Professional stain-resistant treatment for cleaning matt, glossy or lapped porcelain tiles surfaces. It drastically reduces dirt absorption, facilitating and speeding up ordinary cleaning as it forms an invisible protective barrier on the surface that does not create film and that protects porcelain tiles and joints.

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What is ANTISPORCO used for?

ANTISPORCO is used to protect the porcelain tiles surface and facilitate ordinary cleaning. The product is transparent.

How is ANTISPORCO applied?

It is applied to a clean and degreased surface, previously washed with POWER DET or GRES LINDO, by spraying the product in a light veil on the porcelain tiles and making it uniform with a cloth. It is applied in the same way as when cleaning windows.

Why is it recommended to apply it even before grouting?

To prevent dirt (lime, etc.) from the construction site from depositing on the porcelain tiles and to make cleaning after installation with POWER DET easier. It is also recommended when using colored grouts, as it prevents the latter from being absorbed into the micro-porosity of the porcelain tiles. This is because when such problems occur, it is very difficult to remove the pigment inside the porcelain tiles. Once cleaned with POWER DET, it must be reapplied.

How can old dirt remover residues be removed to restore the floor and redo the treatment?

The residues of ANTISPORCO can be removed by doing extraordinary cleaning with POWER DET or GRES LINDO, if in your case you have not found the solution, please send us some photos and contact us, in order to understand the problem with our technicians. Contact numbers can be found on the back of the product label.

Should it be wiped with a wet or dry cloth?
ANTISPORCO must be applied with a cloth moistened with the product.

What are the advantages of using ANTISPORCO for porcelain floor and wall coverings?

ANTISPORCO offers numerous advantages when used on porcelain floor and wall coverings. This innovative product has been specially formulated to protect and preserve the beauty of porcelain surfaces, providing a range of significant benefits. Firstly, ANTISPORCO forms a transparent protective layer on the surface of porcelain, making it resistant to stains and dirt. This means that liquids such as coffee, wine, or oil will not penetrate the material and can be easily cleaned without leaving traces. Additionally, ANTISPORCO makes the floor or covering easier to clean and maintain over time. Its special formula creates a transparent protective barrier that prevents dirt from accumulating on the surface. Regular cleaning with GRES LINDO and GRES BRILL detergents is all that’s needed to keep the porcelain always looking beautiful and shiny. Finally, ANTISPORCO is easy to apply and does not require any special skills or tools. Simply follow the provided instructions, and in a few steps, you’ll achieve lasting protection for porcelain floor and wall coverings. In conclusion, using ANTISPORCO for porcelain floor and wall coverings offers numerous advantages, including protection against stains and dirt, ease of cleaning, and simple application. There’s no doubt that this product is an essential ally for maintaining the beauty and quality of your porcelain surfaces over time.

How does ANTISPORCO’s anti-stain chemical barrier work?

ANTISPORCO’s anti-stain chemical barrier is a product that provides long-lasting protection against unwanted stains. But how does this technology work exactly? The secret lies in its advanced formulation, which combines special ingredients to create a protective barrier on the treated surface. This barrier acts as an invisible shield, repelling staining substances and preventing them from penetrating the material’s microporosity. When applying ANTISPORCO’s anti-stain chemical barrier, it securely binds to the surface, creating a hydrophobic effect. This means that water droplets and other liquid substances will not be able to adhere to the treated material but will simply slide off without leaving a trace.

Is it easy to use, and does it pose any health risks?

When it comes to using a product or service, it’s natural to be concerned about your health and safety. However, in the case of this particular product, we can assure you that it is easy to use and poses no risks to your health. We have conducted extensive research and thorough testing to ensure that this product is safe to use. All necessary precautions have been taken to avoid any potential negative effects on your health. Furthermore, we have simplified the usage of this product to make it accessible to everyone. It does not require special skills or complicated procedures. It has been designed with your convenience and ease of use in mind. You can rest assured that our product is not only easy to use but also safe for your health. Our top priority has always been the satisfaction and well-being of our customers, so you can be confident in making a responsible and reliable choice with us.

How much does the use of ANTISPORCO speed up the regular cleaning process?

The use of ANTISPORCO can significantly speed up the regular cleaning process. Thanks to its powerful anti-stain properties, this product effectively removes dirt and stubborn stains. ANTISPORCO provides a quick and efficient solution for cleaning, saving valuable time. With its potent and fast-acting formula, remarkable results can be achieved in just a few steps. This innovative product is particularly useful when you desire a quick and thorough cleaning. It can be used on various surfaces, such as floors and tiles. Not only does ANTISPORCO accelerate the regular cleaning process, but also, by staying less dirty, the floor becomes easier to clean. In conclusion, if you want to speed up your regular cleaning process without compromising the quality of the results, using ANTISPORCO is undoubtedly a winning choice. Try it today and discover how easy it is to achieve impeccable cleanliness in less time!


 Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request.


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