12.81VAT Included

12.81VAT Included


12.81VAT Included

12.81VAT Included
  • Wax remover

Strong wax remover for stone materials

Wax remover for removing old oil and/or wax treatments from stone materials in cotto, stone, marble, concrete, and grit. It cleans and deeply degreases surfaces soiled with oils, greases, and biological encrustations.

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Characteristics and use:

SGRISER is an alkaline detergent/solvent for strong degreasing dewaxing washing on all stone materials: cotto, stone, klinker, marble, concrete, grit, etc.


  • removes old oil and/or wax impregnation treatments and consistent greasy deposits from stone materials, even delicate ones (eg polished marble, slate);
  • is ideal for carrying out a strong degreasing cleaning, also eliminating consistent accumulations of greasy dirt and biological encrustations (blackening on the outside);can facilitate the removal of “dark spots” from sulphation on cotto;
  • leaves no harmful residues in the absorbent material;
  • does not leave unpleasant odors during use and in the rooms.

Do not use on wood, linoleum, rubber, and PVC and protect painted and anodized aluminum surfaces from contact with SGRISER.

How to use

It can be used pure or diluted in water.

  • Pure: to remove wax and consistent residues of oils, waxes, large accumulations of greasy dirt, organic residues and as a descaler for “dark stains” on cotto.
  • SGRISER diluted in an equal part of water: for washings where a strong degreasing action is required.

How to use the product:

  • In conditions of normal dewaxing, spread the product on the surface and leave it to act for at least 10-20 minutes;
  • Rub the surface with buffers or discs in plastic fibers or with nylon brushes;
  • Under difficult-to-remove treatment conditions, the (pure) product can be processed and left to dry on the surface for up to 12 hours to increase the strength;
  • Repeat the wash if necessary;
  • On acid-resistant surfaces neutralize with aqueous acid solution with VIACEM or DELICACID;
  • For other more delicate materials (eg polished marble and grits, slates) rinse only with plenty of water.

Depending on the dirt to be removed and the absorption of the material:

  • for energetic washes 1lt / 4 -8 m²;
  • for normal washes 1lt / 5-10 m².


  • VIACEM Strong descaling detergent for cotto and terracotta surfaces;
  • DELICACID Delicate descaling detergent for surfaces in stone, concrete and stone materials resistant to acid substances;
  • EXCEL PLUS Stain protection for absorbent stone materials.



SGRISER is a strong de-waxing cleaning agent ideal for removing old treatments, make a strong degreasing cleaning on all stone materials: cotto, stone, klinker, marble, cement, grit that leaves no residue and unpleasant odors on the surfaces.

When should I use SGRISER? 

It is used before carrying out new treatments on already treated and now deteriorated surfaces or to carry out deep cleaning on very degraded materials before new treatments.

Can SGRISER be given on marbles?

Yes, it can be applied to marble to thoroughly clean and remove old treatments without deteriorating the stone, because SGRISER is not an acid product, but an alkaline one and does not deteriorate stones like any other stone material.

Is it necessary to apply VIACEM or DELICACID on materials resistant to acid substances?

Yes, usually on very absorbent materials to neutralize the surface it is advisable to do an acid wash in order to remove the alkalinity of the SGRISER product even in the depth of the material and prepare it for a new treatment. On polished marble, polished grits, and black slate it is advisable not to apply acid detergents but to rinse thoroughly with water.

Is it good for dark wet stains on outdoor cotto?

yes, but it must be left to dry on the surface and subsequently neutralized by a washing with VIACEM diluted 50% in water. The products must be rubbed with BROWN BUFFER.

Does it remove blackening on external surfaces? 

Yes, SGRISER can be used to remove smog residues, algae from floors and exterior coatings. 

Can SGRISER remove oil and grease stains from absorbent materials?

Being a strong degreaser, it acts on the fatty substances that contaminate the porous surfaces. Its effectiveness depends on the depth of the stain. 

Can it be used on wooden surfaces?

No, it cannot be used on wooden surfaces. 



Hazard statements: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

Precautionary statements: Do not breathe dust / fume / gas / mist / vapors / spray. – Wear protective gloves/clothing and protect eyes/face. – IF SWALLOWED: rinse mouth. DO NOT induce vomiting. – IF IN CONTACT WITH SKIN (or hair): immediately take off all contaminated clothing. Rinse the skin [or take a shower]. – IF IN CONTACT WITH THE EYES: rinse thoroughly for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses if easy to do. Continue rinsing. – Immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor.

Contains: Sodium hydroxide, monoethanolamine


Ingredients in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 648/2004:
Non-ionic surfactants below 5%.


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