7.54VAT Included

7.54VAT Included


7.54VAT Included

7.54VAT Included
  • Maintenance detergent

Detergent for porcelain tiles

Concentrated degreasing detergent for surfaces in porcelain tiles and ceramic materials. It cleans, degreases and does not contaminate the material with soaps and surfactants. It keeps the joints and the floor clean.

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Characteristics and use:

GRES LINDO is a concentrated detergent with a very low content of surfactants based on inorganic salts for porcelain tiles and microporous materials.


  • is a concentrated detergent that is used at very low concentrations in ordinary cleaning;
  • eliminates all the ordinary dirt accumulated overtime on porcelain tiles surfaces, where it is necessary to carry out an easy and quick domestic cleaning action;
  • cleans and keeps the surface degreased, preventing the contamination of patinas and fatty substances;
  • dries quickly, without the need for rinsing in the concentration of ordinary cleaning, and does not leave halos;
  • maintains the original colour of the surface and the continuous use of the product keeps the joints clean;
  • can be used for manual washing or with domestic floor cleaning equipment;
  • does not contain strong alkalis (caustic soda, potash, ammonia). It has low foaming.
  • is recommended to use 1-2 times a month also on glossy porcelain tiles in the ordinary dilution to remove any fatty patinas due to kitchen fumes, trampling and environmental pollution as an alternative to the product GRES BRILL.

In case of floors very alonati and difficult to wash even with GRES LINDO, it is recommended to carry out a scrubbing with POWER DET, because on the surface there is a patina for incorrect or non after-installation cleaning or the presence of contaminants that are difficult to remove (e.g. waxes).

How to use

  • Dilute 170-250cc (a glass) of GRES LINDO in 5 liters of water: for an extraordinary degreasing and descaling cleaning or to eliminate deposits left by the use of calcareous water for domestic use.
    • Work a few square meters at a time;
    • Spread the product on the surface and let it act on the material for 4-5 minutes (the product must not dry);
    • After the contact time of the product, rub the material with a rough kitchen sponge or blue buffer;
    • Remove the product and dirt with microfibre cloths;
    • Finally, rinse everything with clean water.
  • Dilute 20-50cc (about one or half coffee cup) of GRES LINDO in 5lt of water: for the ordinary degreasing cleaning of porcelain tiles surfaces.
    • It is applied like a normal detergent with a microfibre cloth. In this dilution, it is also possible to use washer-dryers. If traces of detergent remain, increase the dilution.


  • according to the concentrations of use.


  • POWER DET Intensive stain remover detergent for cleaning of porcelain tiles surfaces with the presence of stubborn stains and visible halos in backlight;
  • GRES BRILL Detergent concentrated descaling for porcelain tiles;
  • ANTISPORCO invisible dirt and stain resistant protective of surfaces in porcelain tiles. Facilitates ordinary cleaning.



GRES LINDO is the detergent for the ordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles ideal for the correct preservation of surfaces over time. Gres Lindo keeps floors and joints clean without leaving residue and halos, is easy to use and does not alter the characteristics of porcelain tiles.

Why use GRES LINDO on porcelain tiles?

In the ordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles, one of the most frequent problems is the formation of greasy patinas due to domestic dirt, trampling, kitchen fumes, and detergents not suitable for porcelain tiles. The over-the-counter cleaners are intended for a quick sale and are usually formulated in such a way that, following the application, the surfaces are fragrant and shiny. However, inside the detergent, there are “greasy” substances, perfumes, and rinse aids (such as those of the dishwasher), which create a greasy patina that tends to stain easily even with water. GRES LINDO is a detergent that has a low content of surfactants and its goal is to keep the surface clean and degreased without being contaminated with other substances.

How often should GRES LINDO be used?

The frequency of use of GRES LINDO largely depends on the finishing of the material. On polished porcelain tiles, the fundamental problem is the superficial limestone, for this reason, it is recommended to use GRES BRILL more frequently, even if the limestone problem persists and therefore the combination of GRES LINDO and GRES BRILL is recommended as follows:

On opaque porcelain tiles, greasy dirt is trapped more due to the pores on the surface, and therefore the combination of GRES BRILL and GRES LINDO is recommended as follows:

  • in areas with a lot of calcareous water 5 times GRES LINDO and 1 time GRES BRILL;
  • in areas with medium calcareous water 10 times GRES LINDO and once GRES BRILL.

This combination of products slows down the formation of patinas due to domestic dirt. In fact, the objective of GRES LINDO is to clean and degrease and of GRES BRILL to clean and descale. Once every 6/12 months or if necessary, it is advisable to carry out an extraordinary cleaning with GRES LINDO and BLUE BUFFER because a limescale fouling could re-form despite the use of GRES BRILL, as the limestone in the water is difficult to control. GRES LINDO used at higher concentrations can perform extraordinary washes to remove ordinary dirt patinas (grease and limestone), restoring the material to its original state. This cleaning is also recommended before reapplying the ANTISPORCO protective, but it is not recommended for post-laying or extraordinary stain remover cleanings because a stronger cleaning with POWER DET and BLUE BUFFER is required.

Does GRES LINDO need to be rinsed?

No, if used in ordinary cleaning it does not need any rinsing. The dilutions of the product are indicative, vary according to the water, and can be increased and decreased.

Can GRES LINDO be used in floor cleaning machines or steam mops?

Yes, it can be used and does not damage the machinery.

Is GRES LINDO able to remove stains and halos on a very stained and haloed porcelain tiles floor?

If the floor is heavily stained and haloed, post-laying cleaning has probably been performed poorly or improper maintenance has been performed. Before using GRES BRILL or GRES LINDO, it is recommended to carry out an extraordinary stain remover cleaning with the POWER DET product (diluted 50% in water) and BLUE BUFFER in order to remove all surface contamination patinas (even those not due to household substances) and bring the floor back to new.

Can porcelain tiles be polished?

No, the products are able to keep shiny floors only born shiny in the factory, not opaque ones (eg wood effect). We do not recommend applying waxes and resins to porcelain tiles because the benefit of applying these substances is only temporary. This is because porcelain tiles was created not to be treated like glass and all the finishes that are applied to it remain on the surface and deteriorate with acid-alkaline substances and with trampling, giving an unsightly effect and leading to new extraordinary washes with POWER DET.

How can I make my matt porcelain tiles floor shiny?

To polish your matte porcelain tiles you have to call a sander, who will make it shiny with the diamond discs with the same process used in the factory for polished porcelain tiles. It is possible to re-polish glossy porcelain tiles (only those born glossy) worn by foot traffic, with the KW-SPECIAL product, which is a specific abrasive powder for such treatments.

How much can I save by opting for larger packages?

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Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request.

Ingredients compliant with Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004:
Phosphates 5%<C<15%, anionic surfactants <1%, non-ionic surfactants <1%, 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, Na  pyrithione. Perfumes: d-Limonene, Menthol.

UFI: 8190-20YS-700J-400F


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Cleaning and treatment systems

The product is in the following cleaning, maintenance and treatment systems

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