8.28VAT Included

8.28VAT Included


8.28VAT Included

8.28VAT Included
  • Maintenance detergent

Detergent for porcelain tiles and microporous materials

Specific concentrated detergent for removing stubborn dirt from trampling from microporous stone materials, stones, travertines, porcelain tiles and ceramics.

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Characteristics and use:

MICRONET is a concentrated detergent for the deep cleaning of microporous surfaces in porcelain tiles, ceramic, klinker, polished and honed stones, terrazzo.


  • quickly and deeply removes trampling dirt, even the most stubborn, from also low-absorption or non-absorbent materials with a high degree of roughness;
  • is excellent for cleaning highly treadable or non-slip surfaces, where dirt from trampling penetrates into the porosity of the material, making it difficult to clean;
  • is ideal for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of external and internal microporous surfaces with persistent humidity (eg swimming pools, changing rooms, terraces), which creates dark stains that are difficult to remove;
  • with ordinary use keeps the material and the joints clean;
  • does not contain strong alkalis (caustic soda, potash, ammonia);
  • has low foaming, is odorless and does not leave halos;
  • is easy to use manually;
  • is ideal for use with scrubber-dryers, industrial and domestic floor washers, pressure washers.

How to use

The concentration of use depends on the type of dirt to be removed:

  • Pure or diluted 1 part of MICRONET in 1 part of water: for the removal of stains and stubborn dirt.
      • Pour the product on the stain or on the surface;
      • Wait a few minutes and wipe with blue buffer or soft discs for monobrush;
      • Remove the residue with wet vacuum or dry cloth;
      • Finally rinse the surface with a diluted acid solution, to remove the residues (eg solution 2 – 5% of DELICACID).
  • Dilute 50cc – 100cc of MICRONET in 1 liter of water: for extraordinary washing of surfaces.
      • Pour on the surface to be cleaned;
      • Leave it act for a few minutes and wipe with blue buffers or blue discs for monobrush until the dirt is removed;
      • Remove residue and dirt with wet vacuum or soft cloth and then rinse with water;
      • On some materials (polished or smooth surfaces) it may be useful to clean again the surface with a clean damp cloth.
  • Dilute 10cc – 100cc of MICRONET in 1 liter of water: for the ordinary cleaning of highly trampled floors, with washer-dryer machine or microfiber cloth.

Do not use on surfaces treated with polymeric waxes.


  • depending on the concentrations of use.


  • GRES LINDO Specific detergent for ordinary cleaning of microporous surfaces.


What is MICRONET used for?

MICRONET is recommended for periodic cleaning of highly trampled and external porcelain tiles and marble: it removes stains and halos due to heavy traffic on microporous surfaces, eliminating the dirt that settles on the materials. For example, very dark spots and halos are often created on public bathroom floors: this is where MICRONET acts, restoring the material to its original appearance.

Can it be used in scrubbing machines? 

Yes, because it has a low foaming and because it is effective even at low concentrations. 

Can it be used on wood? 

No, because it has an alkaline ph. 

How does MICRONET work on the cleaning of microporous surfaces?

MICRONET is a product designed to effectively address the cleaning of microporous surfaces. Thanks to its advanced formulation, it is able to penetrate into the smallest pores and remove dirt in a complete and lasting way. The effectiveness of MICRONET lies in its ability to act in depth, ensuring a thorough and lasting cleaning. Anyone who wants to keep microporous surfaces clean and in optimal condition should consider using MICRONET as a reliable and cost-effective solution. It not only ensures a deep cleaning, but also helps to preserve the original appearance of the surfaces over time.

What are the advantages of using MICRONET compared to other detergents?

MICRONET offers many advantages over other detergents on the market. Its advanced formula ensures a deep and effective cleaning, removing the most stubborn dirt without damaging the surfaces. Thanks to its delicate composition, MICRONET is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, including flooring, tiles, worktops and much more. With this multifunctional cleaner you can save time and money, as you will no longer need different products for the different surfaces of your home. Choose MICRONET for a flawless cleaning, you will not be disappointed by the results that this product can offer.

How can MICRONET be stored and used correctly?

MICRONET is an innovative product that requires proper storage and use to ensure maximum effectiveness. To properly store MICRONET, it is essential to keep it away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Be sure to store it in a cool, dry place, away from any contaminants. To use MICRONET correctly, carefully follow the instructions on the product label. Apply the right amount according to the indications and make sure to distribute it evenly over the desired surface. Remember that adhering to the recommended doses is essential to get the best results. By carefully following these guidelines for storing and using MICRONET, you can maximize its effectiveness and ensure compelling results.

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Hazard statements: Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements: Protect eyes / face. – If eye irritation persists, consult a doctor.

Ingredients compliant with Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004:
Phosphates 5%< C <15%, anionic surfactants<5%.

UFI: SK20-4070-800E-HD9M


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