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11 January 2024 How to remove the stubborn limestone from the shower glass?

If there is a bathroom component difficult to clean that is the shower glass! When it comes to cleaning, the shower in general and the shower enclosure glass in particular, are a real nightmare. With this lapidary statement we believe we can express and summarize at the same time one of the most recurring thoughts […]

17 August 2023 Recovery and treatment of an external teak wood floor in Forte dei Marmi

Teak wood, with its rare combination of inherent beauty and strength, is a popular choice for external flooring. However, even teak, exposed to the elements and the passage of time, can lose its natural light. In this article, we will explore in detail a fascinating project for the recovery and treatment of an external teak wood floor of a hotel […]

26 June 2023 Robonetto, the perfect cleaner for floor cleaning robots

Floor robots, also known as vacuum robots or floor scrubber robots, are autonomous devices designed to clean floors automatically. They have become very popular in recent years due to their convenience and automation capabilities. Floor robots are equipped with sensors that allow them to navigate and move independently within an environment. They use a combination […]

22 May 2023 Transparent waterproofing product: protect your stone materials from damp

Marbec’s range of products includes many waterproofing products, both water-based and solvent-based, which are useful whenever water-repellent treatments have to be carried out on stone materials, such as cotto, cement, stone and marble floors and walls. All these protective water repellents are transparent and do not create surface films, they have a duration of about […]

15 May 2023 Buying Guide: Buffered acid for floor cleaning

Finding the right flooring product is, as we know, essential, and for this new buying guide we focus on buffered acid, a product useful for cleaning surfaces such as untreated cotto and porcelain tiles. However, before examining the ideal solutions based on the surface and occasion, it is important to understand what buffered acid is […]

27 March 2023 How to clean the external untreated cotto

With the arrival of spring, the need to identify the best products for external cotto, remove stains from the atmospheric agents and revive this surface increases. For this reason, in this space we want to show you which are the best products to carry out a treatment of external cotto ever treated, protecting it, enhancing […]

14 February 2023 Dirty and encrusted oven? Marbec products to clean the oven

Cleaning an oven can be a tedious and difficult task, but it is important for several reasons: for personal health and safety. Food residues, grease, and spills inside the oven, in fact, can cause smoke and, consequently, even a fire, in addition to the release of harmful chemicals into the air when heated; for a […]

3 February 2023 How to clean the joints between the tiles?

Joints between tiles are those gaps between tiles, once they have been placed and filled with a mix of cement, mortar, a mixture of water, and sand. The size of these spaces is mainly determined by the thickness of the tiles that have been used and are crucial for several reasons. The joints between the […]

1 October 2021 How to clean and recover cement tiles

How to recover and maintain a beautiful cement tiles floor? Discover Marbec solutions

3 September 2021 Remove oil stains from surfaces

How to remove oil and animal and/or vegetable fat stains on cotto, stone, concrete and stone material Practical tips for removing oil stains from the floor