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Transparent waterproofing product: protect your stone materials from damp

22 May 2023

Marbec’s range of products includes many waterproofing products, both water-based and solvent-based, which are useful whenever water-repellent treatments have to be carried out on stone materials, such as cotto, cement, stone and marble floors and walls.

All these protective water repellents are transparent and do not create surface films, they have a duration of about 10 years and some are also stain-resistant.

In addition, the water repellent protects the stone material from the degradation of time and prevents the rising damp from creating dark stains due to the melting of salts contained in both cement and material, thus preserving the aesthetic characteristics.

It is always recommended, finally, to treat stone materials with water repellents, especially when you have to clean the ground floor or the outside.

How to clean cotto, cement, stone and marble floors and walls

The cleaning of cotto, cement, stone and marble floors and walls requires attention and care to preserve their beauty and ensure their durability.

First you need to remove dust and surface dirt, using a soft bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to avoid scratching the surfaces.

It is also important to do a daily cleaning, for which you can use a neutral detergent mixed with warm water, then passing a soft cloth or a sponge on the surface with diluted detergent, and then rinse with clean water.

If there are stubborn stains, such as grease or wine, it is recommended to use a specific detergent for that type of stain and if it is cotto it is important to avoid the use of products containing wax, which can make the surface slippery. Finally, for cement, it is important to use a neutral detergent, as well as for cleaning natural stones and marble.

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Which transparent waterproofing use against rising damp

The main products of the Marbec water repellent range are:

  • TIM, ideal for making a water-repellent stain-resistant treatment on cotto, high absorption stones and cement. It has a totally transparent effect and also does not change the appearance of the material. TIM is the right choice to counteract rising damp and is the ideal waterproofing for tuff floors as well as, as mentioned, for cotto floors;
  • TON 25, always perfect on cotto, stones with high absorption and cement. This product, however, allows to have a natural toning effect;
  • TON PLUS, always on the usual materials, ensures a wet effect. This product is in fact the right water repellent for stones wet effect;
  • GUARD is the product to be used if you want to protect marble and polished not very absorbent granites. It is the best water repellent product for stone and natural stone;
  • SILDUR is to be used if you want to carry out a water-repellent consolidation waterproofing treatment on concrete surfaces, grits, terrazzo, limestone stones. SILDUR is the best choice for DIY cement cleaning;
  • ACQUABLOCK is also a transparent waterproofing product specific to remove water infiltrations on all stone materials. Thanks to this protective product it is therefore possible to block water infiltrations and is the best transparent waterproofing product for terraces.
Protettivo consolidante anti infiltrazioni ACQUABLOCK | MARBEC

All products, except ACQUABLOCK, are water-based, odorless and easy to apply. After cleaning, it is recommended to consider sealing the cotto, stone or marble surfaces with an appropriate sealant. This will help to protect the material and keep it in good condition over time.

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