31.67VAT Included

31.67VAT Included


31.67VAT Included

31.67VAT Included
  • Protective agent against moisture and/ or antistain

Water-repellent, anti-stain protective product for stone materials

Protective product for the water-repellent and anti-stain treatment of absorbent stone materials. It does not create a film, is breathable and does not alter the appearance of the material.

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Characteristics and use:

TIM is a protective agent for the water-repellent and anti-stain treatment for absorbent stone materials: cotto, absorbent natural stone, cement, mineral plaster.


  • is a water-based product, odorless, non-dangerous and easy to use;
  • can be applied on both internal and external surfaces;
  • is a protective product that is normally used as a base for wax treatments;
  • eliminates or drastically reduces the absorption of water and liquids, fatty substances and oils in the material and counteracts the formation of saline efflorescence, scabs, patinas, algae, etc.);
  • has a high chemical inertness and resistance to atmospheric agents and trampling;
  • does not create films on the surface and does not alter the appearance of the material;
  • maintains the original permeability to water vapor, breathable.

We recommend, on highly absorbent materials, the application of the TIM product (diluted 50% in water) in the phases preceding the laying or grouting of the material, in order to protect the absorbent material, facilitate and speed up the subsequent laying phases, and cleaning.

How to use

Apply on clean, dry, untreated absorbent surfaces.

  • Shake before using;
  • It can be applied by distributing the product evenly with a brush, microfiber cloth, sponge or fleece spreader, evenly wetting the surface to be treated and following the absorption of the material;
  • In the case of poorly absorbent materials, it is advisable to redistribute any excess product on the material on the surface during the drying phase;
  • In the case of very absorbent materials, the application of a possible second coat must be carried out as soon as the first one has been absorbed and without waiting for it to dry (wet on wet);

It normally dries in 8-12 hours depending on the ventilation.
Avoid that the surfaces just treated are wet from rain for about 12 hours or more.

It is applied as the material is saturated:

  • 1 coat: on materials with medium absorption;
  • 2 coats: on highly absorbent materials.

Depending on the absorption of the materials:

  • on low absorbent material 1 lt / 8 – 12 m2;
  • on very absorbent material 1 lt / 4 – 8 m2.


  • PRIMAMANO NEUTRA or RAVVIVANTE Protective anti-dust leveling agent for absorbent stone materials with rough surfaces;
  • IDROFIN MATT or LUCIDO Anti-wear anti-dirt finisher for absorbent stone materials laid inside;
  • PAV05 Anti-wear, anti-dirt and anti-vegetative finisher for absorbent stone materials laid outdoors.



TIM is a water-repellent anti-stain protection for absorbent stone materials, such as cotto, natural absorbent stone, mineral plaster and cement. Thanks to its ability to counteract rising humidity, it avoids the creation of efflorescence, patinas and algae, reducing the absorption of water and liquids.

Why do I have to apply TIM?

TIM is a water-based product that is easy to apply and is the most important product for the treatment of internal and external absorbent stone materials (cotto, cement, stone) because it protects the material from any rising damp and any stains it creates. It also has excellent stain resistance and works as a 2-in-1 product.

How long does the application of TIM last on stone materials?

The duration of the product on external absorbent stone materials can be up to about 10 years and the product can be reapplied over time.

Can I apply wax after spreading TIM?

Yes, but only after 12 hours have passed since the application.

Can I apply TIM after a treatment on cotto made with ALGANET, to preserve the surface and revive the color?

The TIM water repellent product can be used to protect cotto even if not cleaned with ALGANET. The important thing is that the cotto surface is clean and has never been treated with water repellents. On the other hand, to revive the color of the cotto after the application of TIM, it is recommended to use PAV05 outdoor wax.


The product is not classified as hazardous pursuant to the provisions set forth in EC Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) (and subsequent amendments and supplements).


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