34.47VAT Included

34.47VAT Included


34.47VAT Included

34.47VAT Included
  • Protective agent against moisture and/ or antistain

Anti-infiltration protective for stone materials

Protective anti-infiltration for floors and walls in stone material. It drastically reduces the water absorption capacity, eliminates infiltrations, and aggregates the materials. It does not alter the appearance of the surfaces.

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Characteristics and use:

ACQUABLOCK is a water-repellent anti-infiltrating consolidating protective product for stone materials: cotto, stone, marble, cement, mineral plaster, porcelain tiles and ceramic materials.


  • can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces;
  • forms an invisible chemical barrier that drastically reduces water absorption capacity;
  • consolidates leaks and restores the original cohesion of the materials;
  • eliminates water infiltrations from surfaces caused by surface cracks up to 1.5 mm wide and prevents the formation of efflorescence and algae;
  • has excellent resistance to aging, foot traffic, and atmospheric agents;
  • does no film on the surface and does not alter the appearance of the material. It does not yellow;
  • maintains the original permeability to water vapor;
  • is ideal for avoiding the dismantling of terraces, bathrooms, and surfaces subject to water infiltration.

In the event of cracks greater than 1.5 mm, it is recommended to grout the floor before applying the product.

In the case of floors with unstable slopes, where substantial stagnation of water is created, the product cannot solve the structural problems present.

How to use

  • The product is used pure on dry, clean, and untreated material;
  • It is applied with a brush, soft cloth or fleece wax spreader, uniformly wetting the surface to be treated until its saturation, following its absorption;
  • Insist on the joints and cracks;
  • After 5-10 minutes, completely remove the non-absorbed product from the material by rubbing the surface with a soft dry cloth or absorbent paper.

Types of application:

  • 1 coat on low absorbent stone materials;
  • 2 coats on absorbent stone materials. The application of any second coat must be carried out (“wet on wet”) as soon as the first is dry on the surface.

ACQUABLOCK dries in 6-8 hours. Protect or avoid that the just-treated surfaces are wet from the rain before 24 hours from the application.


  • on marble, granite, porcelain tiles, and other materials with low absorbance 1lt / 15 – 20 m²;
  • on cotto, stone, grit, cement, and other absorbent materials 1lt / 4 – 8 m².



ACQUABLOCK is the protective anti-infiltration product specific for stone materials such as marble, granite, travertine, stone, porcelain tiles and cotto.  It creates a protective barrier that prevents water infiltration without altering the appearance of internal and external surfaces. Acquablock, in addition to restoring the adhesion of materials, is an anti infiltration product that has excellent resistance over time.


The use of ACQUABLOCK on stone materials gives an anti-infiltration treatment and can avoid burdensome and annoying costs for the renovation of floors and walls. It is also easy to apply, lasts about 10 years, and can be reapplied over time.

Is it advisable to wash the surface before applying ACQUABLOCK?

Yes, if the surface is dirty and encrusted or if we do not know if it has ever been treated, it is always advisable to clean the surface with the SGRISER wax remover and the DELICACID descaler combined with BROWN BUFFER before applying ACQUABLOCK.

Can it be used on an internal floor if there is infiltration of water from underground?

Yes, but the floor must be dry before application and for the next two days.

How often should the product be reapplied to avoid new infiltration problems on an external stone surface, such as the floor of a terrace?

If applied correctly and there are no structural movements on the surface, the product will last for decades.

What are the advantages of using ACQUABLOCK as a consolidating hydrophobic agent for stone materials?

Using ACQUABLOCK as a consolidating hydrophobic agent for stone materials offers numerous advantages, making it an ideal choice for the protection and restoration of stone, terracotta, and concrete surfaces. One of the main benefits of ACQUABLOCK is its ability to consolidate stone materials, making them more resilient and durable over time. This product penetrates into the stone, reinforcing its structure and preventing deterioration caused by weathering agents such as rain, humidity, and frost. Furthermore, ACQUABLOCK acts as an effective hydrophobic agent, creating a protective barrier on the stone’s surface that repels water and prevents moisture absorption. This means that materials treated with ACQUABLOCK will be less susceptible to salt efflorescence and damage caused by water presence. Another significant advantage of using ACQUABLOCK is its ease of application. This hydrophobic consolidant can be applied to both new and existing surfaces without requiring complex procedures or specialized equipment. Additionally, thanks to its transparent and non-film-forming formula, ACQUABLOCK does not alter the original aesthetic appearance of stone materials. Finally, it should be noted that ACQUABLOCK is a safe and environmentally friendly product. Its formulation does not contain harmful solvents or substances detrimental to human health and the ecosystem. Therefore, it can be safely used even in sensitive environments such as parks, historical monuments, and public areas. In conclusion, using ACQUABLOCK as a consolidating hydrophobic agent for stone materials offers numerous advantages, including long-lasting protection against weathering agents, ease of application, and environmental friendliness. Thanks to these features, ACQUABLOCK proves to be an effective and reliable solution for preserving the beauty and integrity of stone surfaces over time.

How does ACQUABLOCK create a water barrier without altering the appearance of materials?

ACQUABLOCK is an innovative solution that provides a protective water barrier without altering the appearance of materials. But how does it work exactly? ACQUABLOCK utilizes advanced technology based on scientific and chemical principles to create an invisible waterproof coating. This coating forms an effective barrier against water, preventing moisture from penetrating the underlying materials. The process of applying ACQUABLOCK is simple and convenient. Just apply the product to the desired surface and let it dry. Once dry, the coating becomes completely transparent, preserving the original appearance of the material. This solution is extremely versatile and can be used on a wide range of stone materials, including stone and concrete. It is particularly useful for protecting floors, exterior walls from rain. Thanks to ACQUABLOCK, you no longer have to worry about water infiltrations that can damage your valuable materials. This product offers you peace of mind and efficiency in moisture protection without compromising the aesthetics of your belongings. Choose ACQUABLOCK to ensure maximum water protection without altering the appearance of your favorite materials!

In which situations is it recommended to use ACQUABLOCK, both indoors and outdoors?

The use of ACQUABLOCK can be recommended in various situations for both indoor and outdoor environments. This product is particularly useful for waterproofing and protecting surfaces against moisture and water infiltration. Indoors, ACQUABLOCK can be used to prevent mold and moisture formation on walls or ceilings. It can be applied to surfaces such as plaster, concrete, or gypsum to create a protective barrier against water. Outdoors, ACQUABLOCK is ideal for protecting building facades or exterior walls from weather conditions such as rain or humidity. Its advanced formula allows it to repel water and reduce the damaging effects caused by water infiltration into structures. Furthermore, ACQUABLOCK can also be used on balconies or terraces to prevent moisture from penetrating the floor and causing structural damage over time. Regardless of the context in which it is used, ACQUABLOCK offers a reliable and effective solution for protection against water infiltration in both indoor and outdoor environments.

What types of stone materials can ACQUABLOCK be successfully used on?

ACQUABLOCK is an innovative solution that can be successfully used on a wide range of stone materials. Thanks to its waterproof and protective properties, ACQUABLOCK is particularly suitable for application on marble, granite, natural stone, and similar surfaces. This product has been specially formulated to penetrate deep into the pores of stone materials, creating a protective barrier that prevents the absorption of water, moisture, and harmful substances. This means that ACQUABLOCK can be successfully used to protect stone surfaces. Furthermore, ACQUABLOCK also offers long-lasting protection against damage caused by weather conditions such as rain and pollution. This makes it ideal for application on external stone materials like building facades, floors, or monuments. Thanks to its advanced formula and ease of use, ACQUABLOCK can be applied by industry professionals as well as homeowners. Simply follow the provided instructions to achieve optimal results and ensure maximum protection for stone materials. In conclusion, ACQUABLOCK is a versatile and effective product that can be successfully used on various types of stone materials. Its ability to protect surfaces from stains and water damage makes it an ideal choice for those looking to preserve the appearance and longevity of their stone surfaces.

How does ACQUABLOCK prevent water infiltration and strengthen materials?

ACQUABLOCK is an innovative system designed to prevent water infiltration and strengthen materials. Thanks to its advanced technology, ACQUABLOCK offers an effective and long-lasting solution to protect surfaces from water damage. One of the distinctive features of ACQUABLOCK is its ability to form a waterproof coating that creates a protective barrier against moisture and water infiltration. This coating seals the pores of materials, preventing water from penetrating and causing structural damage. Furthermore, ACQUABLOCK also acts as a reinforcement for materials. Its special formula chemically bonds to surfaces, creating a sturdy structure that enhances the durability and strength of treated materials. This makes ACQUABLOCK particularly suitable for use on exterior walls, floors, roofs, and other surfaces subjected to water stress. Thanks to its versatility, ACQUABLOCK can be used in various sectors, including residential and commercial construction, manufacturing, and public infrastructure. It is ideal for preventing moisture-related damage such as mold, cracks, or tile detachment. In conclusion, ACQUABLOCK offers a reliable and efficient solution to prevent water infiltration and strengthen materials. With its advanced technology and the ability to form a waterproof coating, ACQUABLOCK proves to be an ideal choice to protect surfaces and ensure the longevity of structures.



Hazard statements: Flammable liquid and vapour. – May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. – May cause drowsiness or dizziness. – Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. – Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, and other ignition sources. No smoking. – Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. – Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep the container tightly closed. – Wear protective clothing/ eye protection / face protection. – IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER/doctor / … – IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. – Do not induce vomiting.

Contains: Hydrocarbons, C9-C11, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics < 2% aromatics, Tetraethylsilicate.

VOC (Directive 2004/42/ EC): Binding primers.
VOC given in g/litre of product in a ready-to-use condition: 650,00. – Limit value: 750,00.



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