40.21VAT Included

40.21VAT Included


40.21VAT Included

40.21VAT Included
  • Protective agent against moisture and/ or antistain

Stain protection for low absorbent compact stones

Anti-stain breathable protective agent for marbles, granites, internal and external sanded and polished terrazo. It does not alter the appearance of the material.

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Characteristics and use:

GUARD is a protective oil-repellent specific for compact and poorly absorbing stone materials: marble, granite, sanded and polished terrazo placed inside and outside.


  • is a protective anti-stain impregnation specific for compact stone materials with low absorption;
  • forms an oil-repellent chemical barrier;
  • does not form superficial films, is invisible and does not alter the appearance of the material and the color tone over time;
  • has a high chemical inertia and resistance to weathering and trampling;
  • is an aqueous, odourless product, without danger and specific toxicity to the user and the environment.

How to use

Apply on clean, dry and untreated surface.

  • Shake before use;
  • Generally, a coat of product is sufficient to give the oil-repellent protection;
  • Spread GUARD with spreading fleece, soft cloth or sponge wetting the surface evenly;
  • Dab any excess before drying;
  • In the case of dried excess on the surface, remove them by brushing a wet with GUARD cloth over the material;
  • As it is dry (1 – 2 hours) apply the second coat (where necessary) proceeding as for the first;

The product dries completely in 4 -8 hours.


  •  approximately 1 lt / > 20 m2.


  • IDROFIN MATT or LUCIDO Anti-wear, anti-dirt finisher for absorbent stone materials placed inside;
  • POLIFIN Glossy anti-wear, anti-dirt finish for absorbent materials;
  • LUXOR Anti-wear, anti-dirt finisher specific for compact and low absorbent stones.


Hazard statements: Safety data sheet available on request.


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