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Recovery and treatment of an external teak wood floor in Forte dei Marmi

17 August 2023

Teak wood, with its rare combination of inherent beauty and strength, is a popular choice for external flooring. However, even teak, exposed to the elements and the passage of time, can lose its natural light. In this article, we will explore in detail a fascinating project for the recovery and treatment of an external teak wood floor of a hotel in the prestigious location ofcustom kings jersey air max goaterra 2.0 yeezy boost 350 v2 black ohio state buckeyes jersey air jordan 4 retro military black yeezy sneakers fsu football jersey custom nhl hockey jerseys kansas city chiefs crocs custom hockey jerseys ohio state buckeyes jersey custom baseball uniforms custom youth nfl jersey luvme human hair wigs custom nfl jersey Forte dei Marmi. We will see how this intervention has brought the floor back to its original majesty, transforming the discoloration and degradation into a testimony of beauty and resilience.

Forte dei Marmi: a peculiar place

Forte dei Marmi is a popular seaside resort located on the Tyrrhenian coast of Tuscany, Italy. This picturesque town is famous for its sandy beaches, luxurious beach clubs and its exclusive setting.

The name “Forte dei Marmi” derives from the fort that stands in the northern part of the city and from the marble quarries that have been a source of wealth for the region since Roman times.

Today, this country is a highly sought-after tourist destination, especially among the rich and famous. There you can find high-end boutiques, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels and more, because the city also offers numerous opportunities for water sports such as surfing, sailing and snorkelling.

Furthermore, Forte dei Marmi hosts a weekly market which attracts visitors from all over the surrounding area, where it is possible to purchase fresh food products, fashionable clothing and art objects.

Thanks to its privileged position between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Forte dei Marmi also offers splendid possibilities for excursions in the surrounding nature: visitors can explore panoramic paths on foot or by bicycle and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tuscan coast.

Forte dei Marmi therefore represents a perfect mix of coastal elegance, culture of luxury and natural beauty. It is an ideal destination for those wishing to spend a relaxing and sophisticated holiday in one of the most fascinating places in Tuscany.

Causes of teak deterioration

Teak is a precious wood known for its strength and durability, but even it can suffer damage over time if not properly cared for. So let’s find out the main causes that cause the deterioration of this material, a common problem that can occur due to various factors.

One of the main reasons that contribute to the deterioration of teak is exposure to the elements. Humidity, rain, sun, and temperature changes can cause wood fibers to decay over time, which can lead to cracking, discoloration, and loss of structural strength.

Another element to consider is the infestation of insects and parasites. Termites, for example, can feed on teak wood, further weakening it and causing irreparable damage if not treated promptly.

It is important to take preventive measures to prevent deterioration of the teak with the perfect care and maintenance. Taking the right preventative measures and adopting a proper cleaning and maintenance routine will ensure that your teak retains its beauty and strength over the years. This includes the regular application of teak-specific protective oils or varnishes to help preserve its natural beauty and protect it from the elements. So let’s explore together the steps that have been taken to obtain an optimal result on teak.

Step 1: Floor Condition Analysis

At the beginning of the intervention, the external teak wood floor showed clear signs of deterioration. The wood was gray from weathering and blackened from algae growth and dirt buildup. The client’s request was clear: to restore the original appearance of the flooring and protect the wood from further damage.

Step 2: Stain-removing cleaning with SMACCHIO LEGNO

Teak flooring is known for its beauty and durability. However, it does require proper cleaning and maintenance to keep it in top condition. This is where SMACCHIO LEGNO came into play , the Marbec product specifically formulated for stain-removing cleaning of teak floors.

In fact, SMACCHIO LEGNO is a detergent specially formulated for cleaning and removing stains on teak wood. Thanks to its powerful stain-removing action, this product can effectively eliminate the most stubborn stains such as oil, grease, dirt and organic residues.

To obtain the best results in cleaning the external teak floor, MARBEC BLUE DISC was also used, a specific single brush accessory for the extraordinary cleaning of wooden floors , which made it possible to remove the graying and accumulation of dirt from the surface.

After completing the cleaning, the floor was thoroughly rinsed with clean water to remove any detergent residue. It was important to let the wood dry completely before walking on it or applying any protective treatment.

Specific stain remover for the removal
of the grey patina of aging of external
rough woods. Gives the wood a new look
and removes stains and tannin halos,
preparing the surface to the application
of a new protection

Disc for single or scrubber drier with
slight abrasion for the extraordinary
cleaning of stone and wood flooring.

Step 3: Impregnating treatment with FLUOIL and CHESTNUT OILTONER

After cleaning up the floor, it was time to protect it from further decay. An impregnating treatment with the oil-waxy impregnating agent FLUOIL was carried out two days later and with the floor dry. This product has the ability to penetrate deep into the fibers of the wood, nourishing it and making it more resistant to wear and tear and creating a protective barrier against atmospheric agents, humidity and UV rays.

To restore its natural, warm tone to the wood, a touch of color has been added. The use of OILTONER CASTAGNO mixed at 5% (e.g. 1lt of Fluoil 50gr of Oiltoner Castagno ), gave the wood a slightly stained appearance, which enriched the overall aesthetics of the floor and protected it from any damage caused by weathering.

Oil-waxy impregnation specific for vertical surfaces, windows, doors, garden furniture and external wooden structures in general. It counteracts aging and graying, enhancing the natural characteristics without creating films.

Pigment in oil-soluble dispersion

The recovery and treatment of the external teak wood floor at the hotel in Forte dei Marmi was a success. Thanks to the use of specific Marbec products and a targeted approach, the wood has returned to its original beauty. The graying and blackened appearance has been eliminated, and the wood has been protected from future damage with an oil-waxy impregnating. This demonstrates how the combination of high quality products and careful execution can bring external wood floors back to life, giving them a second youth.

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