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Treatment of an ancient cement terrazzo floor in Rome

2 May 2024

In the context of an ancient residence located in the area of Rome, the artisan Davide Incredibile has done a job of cleaning and restoring an ancient cement terrazzo floor. In order to ensure an effective and respectful treatment of the surface, a methodical and targeted process was adopted.

Characteristics of cement terrazzo

The cement terrazzo, also known as cement tiles or tiles decorated with cement, are decorative tiles made mainly with a mixture of cement, sand, and colored pigments. These tiles have been particularly popular in interior and exterior design from the late 19th century until the 1950s, especially in Europe, especially in countries like Italy, France and Spain.

Cement terrazzo is renowned for their variety of designs and bright colors, often characterized by geometric, floral or abstract patterns. The art and craftsmanship involved in its production make it real work of art for floors and walls. Usually, they are tiles of relatively small size, often square or hexagonal, but may vary in shape and size depending on the style and period of production.

In addition to their attractive appearance, cement terrazzo is also appreciated for its durability and strength. However, since it is mainly made of concrete, it can be subject to damage if not treated or maintained properly. The stains, wear and corrosion are some of the common problems that can affect its integrity over time. To preserve and restore cement terrazzo, various specific treatments are available, such as washing with delicate products, impregnation to protect from the penetration of stains and the use of protective finishes to improve wear resistance. Cement terrazzo continues to be appreciated today for its unique character and visual impact in interior and exterior design projects. Its combination of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality makes it a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of personality and history to their living spaces.

Toning and protective treatment

The procedure started with an accurate washing using the product SGRISER de-purifying agent together with a DISC red for the single-brush machine. The washing was followed by a careful rinsing with water. This preliminary step was essential to remove the accumulated dirt and prepare the surface for subsequent treatment.

The focus of the process was the protection cycle by applying the EXCEL PLUS stain-resistant impregnator. This product has been chosen for its ability to create a protective barrier against stains and wear, while preserving the natural appearance of the surface. Its penetrating formula has ensured lasting protection, without compromising the aesthetic characteristics of the material.

Subsequently, the craftsman applied the product PRIMAMANO RAVVIVANTE, an intermediate tonalizing primer, designed to revive the original colors of cement terrazzo. This step helped restore and improve the visual appearance of the surface, emphasizing its authenticity and intrinsic beauty.

Finally, to complete the treatment, a finish was applied with the product IDROFIN MATT. This matte finish provides additional protection against dirt and daily wear, ensuring the durability of the result obtained.

Through the use of Marbec products and specialized techniques by the artisan Incredibile, it was possible to bring the material back to its original state.

  • 12.81€


    Wax remover for removing old oil and/or wax treatments from stone materials in cotto, stone, marble, concrete, and grit. It cleans and deeply degreases surfaces soiled with oils, greases, and biological encrustations.




    Professional protective for the stain-resistant treatment of absorbent stone materials. It does not create film, is breathable and does not alter the appearance of the material.

  • 12.75€


    Anti-dusting protective leveler for absorbent stone materials Base primer for the leveling treatment of surfaces in cotto, stone, absorbent cement agglomerates, plasters placed inside. It enhances the color without altering the natural appearance of the material.

  • 21.11€


    Specific matt finishing wax for completing the treatments of cotto, stone, and terrazzo placed inside. Over time it protects the basic treatment of the material and its initial aesthetic characteristics.  

  • 13.70€

    RED DISC MARBEC | Not Very Abrasive

    Disc for single brush or scrubber drier with slight abrasion for extraordinary cleaning of hard floors such as cotto, stone, marble, concrete, wood.

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