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Dirty and encrusted oven? Marbec products to clean the oven

14 February 2023

Cleaning an oven can be a tedious and difficult task, but it is important for several reasons:

  • for personal health and safety. Food residues, grease, and spills inside the oven, in fact, can cause smoke and, consequently, even a fire, in addition to the release of harmful chemicals into the air when heated;
  • for a better cooking. A dirty oven can in fact affect the temperature and performance, leading to an uneven cooking of food and resulting in longer cooking times;
  • for the longevity of the oven itself. Over time, if regular cleaning is not carried out, food and fat residues can accumulate inside and outside the furnace, causing corrosion and other damage to the furnace, resulting in reduced performance and durability;
  • for aesthetic reasons. A dirty oven will have an unpleasant appearance, thereby affecting the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Cleaning the oven is therefore important to maintain its high performance, ensure longevity and keep it aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to a regular cleaning the oven will work properly and will ensure perfect cooking.

But what are the best products to clean the oven? Here in the Marbec house we thought about the OVEN AND BARBECUE KIT, indispensable for cleaning electric cooking ovens and dishes, inside which you will find PULI FORNO, PULI FUMO and OVEN BUFFER.

prodotti marbec per pulire il forno

Marbec products for cleaning electric ovens

In case you have to do an extraordinary cleaning of an electric oven the products, present inside the OVEN AND BARBECUE KIT, to use are PULI FORNO and OVEN BUFFER.

After wearing a pair of gloves, taking care to avoid contact of the product with skin and eyes, spread the latter pure on the surface, with the help of paper or a brush with plastic fibers, letting it act for a variable time between 30 and 60 minutes.

prodotto per pulire forno marbec

At the end of the contact time, with the OVEN BUFFER, it rubs according to the scale to be removed, then eliminating the excess product on the surface with absorbent paper and repeating the application if necessary.
In case of ordinary cleaning, next to the OVEN BUFFER, you will use PULI FUMO, a product that prevents the formation of stubborn incrustations, spraying it on the surface to be cleaned or degreased, waiting a few minutes before rubbing the surface with the use of the buffer and finally rinsing with hot water.

Cleaning of heavily encrusted and greased pans and pyrophiles

As mentioned, the KIT OVEN AND BARBECUE is not only useful for cleaning the oven (or the barbecue, as the name suggests), but also for that of pans and ovens that can be particularly encrusted and greased.

For this type of cleaning you can resort to PULI FUMO, spraying the product on the surface and letting it act for about 30-40 minutes and then clean with a kitchen sponge that will remove the scale even particularly strong (in the latter case with the aid of the OVEN BUFFER).

Microwave and combi oven cleaning

Finally, the tips for cleaning microwave ovens and those combined, where it is suggested to use PULI ECO, a biodegradable hypoallergenic detergent for daily cleaning, combined with the WHITE BUFFER.

Since the materials used for these types of ovens are not resistant, PULI ECO is perfect for its neutral pH that does not attack the materials of these ovens.

Simply spray the product directly on the surface, letting it act for a few moments, then rub with a microfiber cloth, then rinse well, finally, with water.

Thanks to the degreasing power of our OVEN AND BARBECUE KIT and the universal sanitizer PULI ECO, any oven of yours will shine as before!

  • 8.37€


    Strong degreasing and descaling detergent in gel specific for the extraordinary cleaning of greasy substances, crusts, carbon residues and carbon black that are difficult to remove from ovens, barbecues and oven dishes.

  • 3.65€


    Detergent for daily cleaning of all surfaces, ideal for those in contact with food: hobs, tables, refrigerators, microwave ovens and shelves.

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