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Robonetto, the perfect cleaner for floor cleaning robots

26 June 2023

Floor robots, also known as vacuum robots or floor scrubber robots, are autonomous devices designed to clean floors automatically. They have become very popular in recent years due to their convenience and automation capabilities.

Floor robots are equipped with sensors that allow them to navigate and move independently within an environment. They use a combination of cameras, ultrasonic sensors, collision sensors and obstacle detection sensors to map the surrounding environment and avoid obstacles during cleaning.

Floor robots have a number of advantages. In addition to their convenience and automatic cleaning functions, they can easily reach hard-to-clean areas, such as the corners of the rooms or under the furniture. In addition, some models are able to recognize the difference between different types of floors and adapt their cleaning accordingly.

Even in this case, as in the world of “analog” cleaning, it is important to use the right product. For this reason, we take up this space to talk about ROBONETTO, the concentrated sanitizing detergent for floor washing robots.

Robonetto, the robot cleaner for everyday routine cleaning

The purchase of floor robots is growing and ROBONETTO has been designed to perfectly match these technological tools that help us in daily cleaning.

It is a super-concentrated hypoallergenic detergent, environmentally friendly (it is easily biodegradable), which prevents the formation of halos and patinas and is effective even at low concentrations of use.

Feeding your floor robot with ROBONETTO is easy. It is in fact sufficient to dilute 1 part of the product in about 30 parts of water, with the warning that if the latter is very calcareous it is recommended to use the distilled one to prevent the tank of the robot from clogging and patinas and halos form on the floor.

Moreover, among its characteristics, ROBONETTO has those of having a low foam, a rapid evaporation and leaving in the rooms a floral, delicate and fresh scent.
If floor robots offer a cost effective solution to keep floors clean and reduce the effort required for home cleaning, ROBONETTO is their perfect ally for achieving extraordinary results!

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