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Work clothes washing: how to remove grease stains with SPOT LESS

27 February 2024

If normally on our blog we talk about products useful for cleaning floors and surfaces in general, this time we deal with a professional detergent useful when it comes to removing and degreasing even the most stubborn dirt and bad smell, like workshop oil, from overalls and work clothes.

Mechanics, but not only, that you are reading, we are talking to you and we do it with the professional detergent SPOT LESS for washing mechanic suits in the washing machine

If you were wondering how to wash your work clothes in the washing machine, we have the answer for you and no doubt this product is perfect for your needs.
Before discovering in more detail the characteristics of SPOT LESS, let’s focus on how grease stains form on clothing and why it is difficult to remove them.

Grease stains on work clothes: how are they formed? 

In industrial workplaces, such as workshops, grease stains caused by lubricants and oils soiling work clothes are a common problem. 

These stains that leave traces on clothing are, as mentioned, caused by the oils and lubricants of the mechanical parts of cars, machinery and tools in general.

For this it is necessary to resort to washing work clothes using a specific detergent. Removing mechanical grease, in fact, is not easy, because it is an extremely resistant substance once it has penetrated the fabric. 
Using the right product for this type of need is crucial. So let’s see together what are the characteristics of SPOT LESS detergent and what are the correct steps to follow to use it!

What detergent to use for overalls

Work in the workshop, you know, inevitably leads to dirty your work suit and for this reason it is important to know the right detergents to be able to properly clean the “uniform” that you wear daily. 

As you know, it is essential for us to offer you specific products according to your needs and, in this case, for an effective “do it yourself”, we suggest a detergent specific to clean the mechanic suits from grease and able to be functional even on aprons and dressing gowns, as well as, as already said, on mechanic suits.

SPOT LESS is in fact able to clean and renew work clothes, eliminate all kinds of dirt, such as synthetic fats and mineral oils, and can be used both for manual and washing machines.

It is important, however, like all products, to use the right dosage in order to obtain the desired result.

How to use Spot Less for washing work clothes

This specific detergent, as mentioned, can be used both for washing the work garment in the washing machine and by hand.

Let’s see how to use SPOT LESS:

In washing machine:

  1. Set the washing temperature to 90 ºC.
  2. Exclude the prewash.
  3. Pour the recommended dose of SPOT LESS into the detergent drawer.
  4. Start the washing.

By hand:

  1. Pour a sufficient amount of SPOT LESS on the stains.
  2. Leave for 10 minutes.
  3. Rub the fabric repeatedly.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Recommended dosage:

  • 220 ml for fresh water (0°F – 15°F)
  • 250 ml for medium hard water (15°F – 25°F)
  • 280 ml for hard water (over 25 ºF)

Here are the important tips to follow with SPOT LESS:

  • For best results, always refer to the instructions on the product label.
  • If the stains are particularly stubborn, you can pretreat them with a specific stain remover.
  • Do not use SPOT LESS on delicate items such as silk or wool.

Thanks to a specific tool such as SPOT LESS it is therefore possible to remove grease and lubricant stains satisfactorily from dirty clothing, making the work suit as new!

The product of the article:
  • 19.00€


    Specific detergent for cleaning professional work clothes (e.g. overalls, aprons, dressing gowns) heavily stained with grease and lubricants.

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