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Cleaning and treatment of outdoor composite wood

19 February 2024

In the famous seaside resort of Viareggio, along the picturesque promenade, there is an attic that preserves one of the best kept secrets of the area: a composite wooden floor for outdoor use that, despite the weather, has regained new life thanks to the expert intervention of the artisans of Emilia & Pippo.

What is composite wood

The wpc composite wood is a product that was born as an ecological replacement of outdoor wood. It is also called WPC as an acronym for Wood Plastic Composite (Wood and Plastic Composite) and is made by hot extrusion combining natural wood fibers, polymers and additives. It is through this process that extrusions of different shapes can be created according to the matrix that is placed at the head of the extruder. It is thus possible to create multiple types of products for various uses. The most common is that for paving walkways, patios or swimming pool edges. The evolution of the techniques and the studies on the product have allowed the creation of profiles suitable also for both continuous and shaded façade cladding. 

The wpc composite wood is therefore the technological evolution of natural wood. Wood defects, chipping, twisting, insect attacks, fungi, discoloration disappear, and a product is created that enhances the aesthetic qualities and keeps them unchanged even in the long term. This material is used in many areas thanks to its durability in outdoor environments.

Advantages of the WPC floor

  1. Water resistance: The WPC floor is water resistant, making it an ideal choice for environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and cellars, where it can be exposed to moisture and water splashes without damage.
  2. Durability: Thanks to its composition, the WPC floor is extremely resistant to wear, scratches and stains. This makes it suitable for high traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, shops and restaurants.
  3. Easy installation: WPC flooring comes in a variety of sizes, including tiles and boards, and can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, wood and existing tiles. Many options are designed with an interlocking system that further simplifies the installation process.
  4. Aesthetics: The WPC floor is available in a wide range of colors, finishes and styles, allowing you to easily match the existing furniture and create the desired atmosphere in any environment.
  5. Sustainability: Using recycled materials and efficient production processes, WPC flooring is considered an environmentally friendly choice. In addition, its long service life and durability reduce the need to replace it frequently, reducing the overall environmental impact.

The floor before the treatment

At the time of the intervention, the outdoor composite wood floor showed a state of severe deterioration. The material, gray, brittle and infested with algae and lichens, seemed to have lost all trace of its original beauty. The attic owners were even considering replacing the entire floor.

But fortunately, the solution was not demolition, but a targeted cleaning and treatment. Using the universal detergent for the ordinary and/or extraordinary cleaning floors and walls UNIPUL, diluted to 50% in hot water, and a single brush equipped with a nylon disc, the artisans of Emilia & Pippo have done a deep cleaning that has brought to light the hidden beauty of the floor. The nylon disc allowed to clean even in the cracks of the material without damaging it further.

The revitalizing treatment

But the real magic happened with the application of OLIO41, an oil-waxy primer for external wooden floors. Applied in two coats with the single brush and the white disc, OLIO41 has saturated the porosity of the material to the maximum, returning its original color and ensuring a lasting protection against stains and UV rays.

Amazing results

The final result was amazing: the composite wood floor for outdoor has regained its shine and its resistance, transforming from a neglected element to a focal point of beauty and functionality in the attic of Viareggio promenade. Thanks to the skill and expertise of Artigiano Emilia & Pippo and the professional products of Marbec, the floor has once again become a place to admire and enjoy, resisting time and weather with elegance and style.

If you are looking for solutions for the restoration and maintenance of your outdoor floors, do not hesitate to contact Artigiano Emilia & Pippo.