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The company Emilia&Pippo recovers and restores the exterior windows

30 January 2023

Recovery and restoration of external windows

A fast and clean intervention, thanks to the professionalism and excellent knowledge of the products. This is what Emilia&Pippo realized in the recovery of external frames without discarding them.

An operation that has among its ingredients, in addition to the craftsmanship of this company, also of specific professional products such as UNIPUL, the SUPER MAGIC BUFFER IN MELAMINE, the OLIO RAVVIVANTE.

Let’s see how the talented craftsmen of Emilia&Pippo have used these products for the recovery and restoration of exterior windows in wood, metal, and aluminum.

How to recover and restore external windows without discarding them

First, the artisans of Emilia&Pippo relied on UNIPUL and SUPER MAGIC MELAMINE BUFFER to clean and degrease the frames. The first is a universal detergent, useful for both ordinary and extraordinary cleaning, and allows you to carry out cleaning even on particularly delicate materials, without damaging them; the second, Instead, is a specific sponge for cleaning microporous surfaces (from ceramics to vinyl tiles) and can also be used on materials such as granite, linoleum and plastic flooring.

Once stretched UNIPUL on exterior windows, the artisans of the Emilia&Pippo have allowed the product to act for a few minutes to then rub the surface with the SUPER MAGIC BUFFER IN MELAMINE, before removing the residue and then rinse with clean water.  

Revitalizing oil to nourish wood and brighten colors

The great work of recovery and restoration of the team is certainly not finished here and then they made their entrance on scene two other specific products for this type of work, such as OLIO RAVVIVANTE and BARRIER.

OLIO RAVVIVANTE is a strong impregnating for painted wood, specific (among others) for external painted frames deteriorated and grayed, to be shaken before use and then distributed, in small quantities, on the surface, through the use of a brush or a wet cloth.

Once this operation was completed, the artisans of Emilia&Pippo then rubbed the surface with a soft cloth, following the absorption of wood and painting, until the area on which the work was carried out was not homogeneous and slightly wet.

To finish this work of recovery and restoration of external windows, finally, was applied BARRIER, with the result of increase the UV and water repellent protection. BARRIER is an anti-degradation and anti-dirt finisher, specific for external woods, which must be gently and evenly applied, with a brush, on the surface, waiting about twenty/thirty minutes for its drying.   

To recover and restore the exterior fixtures, the first step is the identify the type of material from which the fixtures are made. Depending on the material, the recovery and restoration process will be different. For example, if the fixtures are made of metal, you may need to polish, prime, and paint them. If they are made of wood you may need to strip them, sand them and paint them.  

It is important, in any case, to use high-quality products and follow appropriate application techniques to ensure a durable and professional-looking finish. The high competence of the artisans of the company Emilia&Pippo combined with the above-mentioned professional products, specific for this type of work, has allowed achieving an extraordinary result in the recovery and restoration of external windows!

  • 29.28€


    Impregnator specific for the recovery of floors, walls, fixtures and wooden furniture inside and outside painted deteriorated and grayed. It renews the color and the initial finish, re-guarding the wood.

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