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Post-site cleaning of a porcelain tiles floor

12 April 2023

How to clean the porcelain tiles after installation, removing the white patina from the porcelain tiles and the cement hardened by the tiles?

If you are asking these questions you are in the right place. The talented craftsmen of the company Emilia&Pippo, operating mainly in Tuscany and specialized in post-site cleaning/ after renovation, extraordinary and deep cleaning and treatment of floors and absorbent and microporous surfaces, have achieved an extraordinary cleaning, after the installation site, of a porcelain tiles surface.

pulizia post cantiere prima e dopo il trattamento con powerdet e disco blu marbec

How to remove patina and cement from post-construction porcelain tiles

For the cleaning of porcelain tiles after the installation site and to remove white patina and hardened concrete, the Emilia&Pippo team relied on POWET DET, the concentrated detergent specific for cleaning after-installation or extraordinary stain removal of the surfaces in polished, lapped and matt porcelain tiles, and the BLUE DISC, single brush or scrubber dryer with slight abrasion for the extraordinary cleaning of floors in stone and wood.

First, then, the craftsmen of the Tuscan company Emilia&Pippo have extensively spread POWER DET on the surface, using a cloth and working the surface 4-5 meters at a time.

At this point they waited ten minutes, without letting the product dry on the surface, and then rub the floor with the BLUE DISC, then collecting the residues of dirt and product.

pulizia post cantiere prima e dopo il trattamento con powerdet e disco blu marbec

To complete the work they have finally rinsed several times with clean water, thus removing the product and dirt from the surface.

POWER DET, for post-site cleaning, in order to remove patinas, site dirt and grout residues, has been used pure but can also be diluted with water when it comes to extraordinary stain removing washing on haloed, stained and dirty surfaces.

pulizia post cantiere prima e dopo il trattamento con powerdet e disco blu marbec

Tips for long-term clean surface maintenance

Cleaning porcelain tiles at the end of the installation site may seem like a daunting task, but with the right products and the right tools, such as POWER DET and BLUE DISC, you can achieve amazing results. The Emilia&Pippo team has demonstrated its experience and professionalism in the extraordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles surfaces, effectively eliminating white patinas and hardened concrete. In addition, regular use of ordinary cleaning products such as GRES LINDO and GRES BRILL will help keep the floor surface always clean and shiny over time.

  • 19.61€


    Specific detergent for porcelain tiles for extraordinary cleaning to remove halos, stains, and any laying residues. It brings the material back to its original appearance.

  • 5.32€

    BLUE BUFFER PAD | Light Abrasion

    Polyester fibre pad to use for the removal of surface layers of wax and delay the washing of resilient floors treated with metallic waxes. Removes scratches and signs.

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