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15 March 2024 How to clean sandstone with Delta Special Applications

In the heart of the historic city of Pistoia, the sandstone stairs of an ancient private palace, witnesses of the passage of time, have been restored to their original splendour thanks to the use of specialized techniques of the artisans of Delta Special Applications and high quality Marbec products. Sandstone characteristics Sandstone is a sedimentary […]

7 March 2024 How to clean the awnings with Emilia&Pippo

When it comes to cleaning awnings, it is essential to use effective products and techniques to ensure amazing results. Emilia&Pippo, a company renowned for deep and extraordinary cleaning, has recently done outstanding work on cleaning a polyester awning using the product PULISCI TENDE. In this article, we will explore the detailed process used by Emilia&Pippo […]

7 February 2024 Cleaning and treatment of a cotto and stone floor in Montefalco

In the picturesque town of Montefalco, the company Lineaperta Cooperativa di Servizi has recently completed an intervention of considerable importance: cleaning from algae, lichens and scale, followed by a targeted treatment on a floor in Umbrian cotto and limestone of a prestigious hotel. Montefalco: Umbrian pearl Montefalco is a charming town located in the province […]

30 January 2024 Restoration of a Impruneta cotto: the intervention of Pippolo company

In the world of construction and interior design, the Impruneta cotto floor represents an elegant fusion of tradition and modernity. However, when accidents such as breaking a water pipe cause significant damage, it is crucial to rely on qualified professionals for recovery. In this context, the experience and skill of the Pippolo company have proved […]

15 December 2023 Stone porcelain tiles restoration with Delta Applicazioni Speciali

In the charming province of Pistoia, where history is intertwined with natural beauty, a stone-effect porcelain tiles floor for interiors has brought to life its ancient magnificence thanks to the art and expertise of Delta Applicazioni Speciali. The company, renowned for its expertise in the field of professional cleaning, has proven to have not only […]

25 October 2023 Recovery of a grit floor and tiles of the years ’40-’50s

A short time ago we talked about the most suitable procedures for the correct cleaning and maintenance of grit floors, using specific Marbec products. In this article we will see the two interventions performed by the company Delta Special Applications to recover a floair max goaterra 2.0 ohio state jersey human hair wigs custom maple […]

12 October 2023 How to remove graffiti on a stone facade

Removing graffiti from a stone facade may seem like a complex challenge, but with the right tools and the right approach, you can restore the original beauty of the surface without damaging it. In this article, we will explore a successful case in which the Pippolo company has faced the removal of graffiti from a […]

26 September 2023 Wet Effect Treatment of Porcelain Tiles in Porto

In the picturesque city of Porto, Portugal, the art of craftsmanship reaches extraordinary levels thanks to Jorge Almeida’s company. This September, we want to share with you an exceptional work that celebrates craftsmanship perfection and sustainable innovation. Jorge Almeida’s company has ushered in a new era in the treatment of Portuguese handcrafted cotto tiles, carrying […]

22 September 2023 How to restore a 90s cotto floor in Pistoia

In the heart of the charming province of Pistoia, in July, there was an interesting restoration project that brought to life a cotto floor of the 90s, giving it new vitality and splendor. This ambitious work would not have been possible without the professionalism of the company RenovoArt and the use of Marbec products. Factors […]

14 September 2023 Treatment of a rustic handmade cotto

The rustic handmade floor is a real work of art that gives warmth and character to any environment. Today we will talk about a treatment of a rustic cotto floor, located in an old restored farmhouse in the enchanting region of Umbria, carried out by the artisan company Punto Service. This intervention cheap soccer jerseys […]