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How to clean sandstone with Delta Special Applications

15 March 2024

In the heart of the historic city of Pistoia, the sandstone stairs of an ancient private palace, witnesses of the passage of time, have been restored to their original splendour thanks to the use of specialized techniques of the artisans of Delta Special Applications and high quality Marbec products.

Sandstone characteristics

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is mainly formed by the cementation of grains of sand and other sediments. Characterized by its granular texture and its ability to be easily worked, sandstone has been used for centuries in a wide range of applications, from construction to artistic ornaments. Its color varies from white to yellow, pink, red and brown, depending on the minerals present in its composition. Its porosity can vary from very low to very high, determining its resistance and its ability to absorb water. Sandstone is widely used in architecture for its natural beauty, durability and ease of processing, making it a popular choice for flooring, wall coverings, sculptures and other decorative elements.

How to clean sandstone

The restoration of stone stairs was a meticulous work, carried out with care and competence by experts in the field. The treatment started with the use of SGRISER, a powerful detergent that, with the help of BROWN BUFFER, managed to degrease the surface and remove the encrustations without damaging the stone. This preparatory phase has ensured a deep and delicate cleaning, preserving the integrity of the material.

Subsequently, the artisans of Delta Special Applications applied DELICACID, a mild buffered acid detergent for stones, which neutralized the product SGRISER and allowed a descaling cleaning. Subsequently, once the surface has been completely cleaned and dry, it has been applied LITOFLON, a water repellent specifically formulated for clean sandstone. This treatment has protected the stairs from moisture and stains, prolonging their duration over time. To ensure a solid and uniform base, a coat of PRIMAMANO NEUTRA, followed by an anti-wear anti-spot finish with IDROFIN MATT, which gave the surface a natural and opaque appearance.

Maintenance of the stone staircase

The restoration of the stone stairs was not finished with the initial treatment, but a maintenance was carried out to preserve its beauty over time. To this end, the artisans adopted a regular cleaning regime using FLORA, a mild detergent ideal for ordinary cleaning. In addition, once a year, the scales were treated with REFIX MATT, a product specially formulated to maintain the matt and natural appearance of the surface.

An excellent result

The restoration of the ancient stone stairs in Pistoia is an excellent example of how the combination of the specialized techniques of the artisans of Delta Applicazioni Speciali and the high quality products of Marbec can give life and splendor to historical monuments. Thanks to the attention to detail and constant care, these architectural elements will continue to remain beautiful and clean over time.

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    Wax remover for removing old oil and/or wax treatments from stone materials in cotto, stone, marble, concrete, and grit. It cleans and deeply degreases surfaces soiled with oils, greases, and biological encrustations.

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    Specific buffered acid detergent to remove cement grouts, efflorescence and limestone incrustations on stones, ceramic materials and stone materials in general.

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    Concentrated neutral detergent for the ordinary cleaning of terracotta floors and stone materials, treated or untreated. Combines the cleaning function with the degreasing action, but is not aggressive towards the material.