Delta Special Applications

The artisan company, operating throughout Italy with a particular emphasis in the Tuscan region, excels in the redevelopment of a wide range of surfaces. Its core services include:

  • Extraordinary Cleaning of Porcelain Tiles Floors: This company stands out for the extraordinary cleaning of porcelain tiles floors, returning them their original splendor.
  • Complete Restoration of Cotto Floors: The company’s specialization includes the recovery, cleaning and treatment of both internal and external cotto floors to ensure maximum durability and beauty.
  • Experience in the Care of Stone Floors: The company is dedicated to the cleaning, recovery and treatment of stone floors, preserving their authenticity and resistance.
  • Mastery in Terrazzo and Other Floors: The services extend to the cleaning, recovery and treatment of terrazzo floors, ensuring impeccable results.
  • Smoothing and Polishing of Noble Surfaces: For marble, terrazzo and granite surfaces, the company offers sanding and polishing services to return them the ancient brilliance and beauty.

In addition, the company specializes in:

  • Graffiti removal: The experienced team is able to remove graffiti from any type of surface professionally and without damaging the substrate.
  • Recovery of Historical Buildings: In addition to the recovery of surfaces, the company is also committed to the restoration and conservation of historic buildings, helping to preserve the cultural and architectural heritage.

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