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Recovery of a grit floor and tiles of the years ’40-’50s

25 October 2023

A short time ago we talked about the most suitable procedures for the correct cleaning and maintenance of grit floors, using specific Marbec products. In this article we will see the two interventions performed by the company Delta Special Applications to recover a floor from the 50s in tiles and one in grit and all the steps performed to achieve these beautiful results.

Recovery of a grit floor

Grit is an ancient material used for the flooring of elegant rooms, in classic style. Fallen into disuse for a few decades, today grit flooring is back to be very appreciated and used. Let’s start with the first intervention, that is, the recovery of the grit floor. This is how the environment looked before the start of the works.

Cleaning from site dirt

First of all, the professionals of the company Delta proceeded to remove dirt from the construction site from the floor. For this operation, they used UNIPUL, a concentrated detergent at neutral pH recommended for the treatment of delicate materials. They distributed UNIPUL on the floor, letting it act for a few minutes, then rubbed with buffers of medium hardness, removing the residue and rinsed with water.

Grit Floor Treatment

Once the surface was clean and dry, they applied two coats of TON 25 to revive the staining of the floor. Subsequently, IDROFIN MATT was applied, a protective toning water-based hydro-oleo-repellent, known for its protection against wear and dirt. This product has toned the surface, giving it a “wet effect” and highlighting the characteristics of the color and/ or veins, without altering the natural appearance of the material.

And here is the result! Does it look like the usual environment?

Treatment of tiles

Now let’s see the steps followed for the tiles. Tile floors are compact and low absorbent floors that require products suitable for compact and poorly absorbent surfaces. In this case, a neutral protective treatment with GUARD and LUXOR was chosen.

GUARD is a protective stain-resistant impregnation that simplifies the cleaning of surfaces from stains, excluding those caused by acidic substances, which could corrode the surface. LUXOR is a product to be applied in small quantities, following the indications of consumption, and must be distributed on the surfaces with a soft cloth until complete absorption and polishing of the material.

The professionals performed the treatment of the tiles and this was the excellent result they obtained:

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