The best work of the month

25 October 2023 Recovery of a grit floor and tiles of the years ’40-’50s

A short time ago we talked about the most suitable procedures for the correct cleaning and maintenance of grit floors, using specific Marbec products. In this article we will see the two interventions performed by the company Delta Special Applications to recover a floair max goaterra 2.0 ohio state jersey human hair wigs custom maple […]

26 September 2023 Wet Effect Treatment of Porcelain Tiles in Porto

In the picturesque city of Porto, Portugal, the art of craftsmanship reaches extraordinary levels thanks to Jorge Almeida’s company. This September, we want to share with you an exceptional work that celebrates craftsmanship perfection and sustainable innovation. Jorge Almeida’s company has ushered in a new era in the treatment of Portuguese handcrafted cotto tiles, carrying […]

18 August 2023 The most beautiful work of the month: treatment of the firm MG to perfection of a handmade cotto

The most beautiful work of the month takes us to Lajatico, a charming Tuscan village nestled in the picturesque countryside of Pisa and known for being the birthplace of Andrea Bocelli. Undoubtedly, the charm of this Tuscan village and its connection with the musician make it a fascinating place to visit. The beauty of the […]

30 June 2023 Recovery of a painted walnut wood floor

Parquet maintenance is an important aspect to ensure its beauty and durability. For this reason, regular and gentle cleaning of this surface is necessary, avoiding the use of aggressive products and prolonged exposure to moisture. Flatting, or opacity, can be caused by a variety of factors, such as wear, dust accumulation, or the presence of […]

30 May 2023 Teak coating for swimming pool: recovery and transformation

In this month’s article, dedicated to the most beautiful work, we focus on the recovery of the teak coating of an outdoor pool. This type of coating undoubtedly adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the area of your pool but despite being naturally resistant to moisture, rot and decomposition, it needs to […]

15 May 2023 Treatment of external cotto of the Abbey of S. Maria di Rosano

This month, with the column dedicated to the most beautiful work of the month, we are in our Tuscany but, with an ideal time machine, we travel in the past to take you outside and inside the walls of the abbey of Santa Maria a Rosano. The occasion is the treatment of the external cotto […]

4 April 2023 Extraordinary cleaning of external porcelain tiles

Back to our column dedicated to the most beautiful work of the month and this time to accompany us is the company FLOOR SHOP in Florence that has achieved an extraordinary cleaning of an external porcelain tiles. FLOOR SHOP, in fact, among the various services it offers, has the treatment, sanding and polishing of floors […]

27 February 2023 Recovery of a bath in glossy black cement

Recovering old cement instead of replacing them is important for several reasons, from their historical significance, in some cases, to a positive contribution in terms of environmental impact, since recovering and reusing the old cement reduces the demand, helping to preserve the sources. The old tiles, then, have a unique style, not replicable with the […]

31 January 2023 Restoration of a facade in marble and sandstone

This month with our column we want to show you the extraordinary result obtained in the restoration of a facade in marble and sandstone, affected by the sulfation process. For this desulphurizing cleaning work, the product used was DESOLF4, able to give a second life to the surface. Before examining the use of this specific […]

11 January 2023 Red cotto floor: recovery of a valuable surface

This section dedicated to extraordinary recovery work allows us, as you know if you are frequent visitors to the pages of this blog, to travel through the wonderful cities that enrich our Bel Paese. This time we are none other than Florence, but the cotto rosso that we talk about on this occasion comes from […]