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Teak coating for swimming pool: recovery and transformation

30 May 2023

In this month’s article, dedicated to the most beautiful work, we focus on the recovery of the teak coating of an outdoor pool.

This type of coating undoubtedly adds a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the area of your pool but despite being naturally resistant to moisture, rot and decomposition, it needs to be treated with the right products to keep its appearance unchanged over time.

Pavimento in teak prima del lavaggio, durante la fase di cambio delle stecche rotte
Before washing, during the changing of broken slats

Given the initial state of the pool that we talk about this time, with the wood that has grayed and oxidized due to weather conditions, our goal is to provide you with a step-by-step guide to its recovery and treatment, following the experience of one of our customers.

How to waterproof wood for outdoor

The external wood around the pool of our client had undergone the normal aging process, becoming gray and oxidized due to exposure to atmospheric agents and the presence of microorganisms and lichens. To restore its original appearance and protect it, the craftsman took a comprehensive approach.

Fase del lavaggio con Smacchio legno
Phase of washing with SMACCHIO LEGNO

First of all, he replaced the deteriorated wooden slats and performed an initial cleaning using SMACCHIO LEGNO and a monobrush equipped with tynex disc. This procedure allowed to remove the aging of the wood and any lichens, bringing the material back to its initial and clean raw condition. For the exterior coating, Marbec blue buffers were used, specifically designed for extraordinary cleaning of stone and wood surfaces.

pavimento in teak dopo la fase di lavaggio con Smacchio Legno
After the washing phase with SMACCHIO LEGNO

Subsequently, the prepared wood was treated with OLIO 41, a waxed impregnating agent specific for external woods. To give a new elegant look, the craftsman added 15% OILTONER BIANCO pigment to achieve a customized white finish. OLIO 41 is known for its ability to counteract the aging and graying of wood, creating a hydro-oleophobic protection that allows the material to breathe and prevents the formation of micro-organisms.

Finally, to ensure greater protection to the treated surfaces, the BARRIER finishing product was applied. This anti-dirt and anti-degradation finisher creates a thin resin-waxy layer that increases wear resistance, aging and offers additional water-repellent and stain protection. BARRIER is recommended as a conclusion of treatments with oily waxy impregnation to prolong the duration of treatment and preserve the appearance of wood over time.

Rivestimento estreno in legno teak - Trattamento bianco, Dopo il trattamento con OLIO41 pigmentato bianco e BARRIER
After treatment with white pigmented OLIO41 and BARRIER

For maintenance over the years, the customer will use the detergent DETERCLEAN, a biodegradable product specially formulated for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of wooden surfaces. This non-aggressive detergent has a cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing action without damaging the materials. To reinstate the protection, the customer will apply the BARRIER product once or twice a year, thus ensuring the preservation of the aesthetic and protective characteristics of the initial treatment.

Recovery and treatment of the teak coating of the outdoor pool

Our customer then carried out a first cleaning with SMACCHIO LEGNO, then went to the treatment with a mixture of OLIO41 and OILTONER BIANCO, finally protecting the surface with DETERCLEAN and BARRIER.

Rivestimento esterno in legno teak - Dopo il trattamento bianco
External cover in teak wood – After the white treatment

The final result obtained is the desired one, with a white teak wood and an elegant appearance restored, that in order to be maintained will have to enjoy regular maintenance with specific products to preserve over time the aesthetic and protective characteristics of the initial treatment.

  • 11.05€


    Specific stain remover for the removal of the grey patina of aging of rough woods. It gives the wood a new aspect and removes stains and tannin halos, preparing the surface for the application of a new protection.

  • 8.72€


    Pigments in oil-soluble dispersed Waste oil-solvent soluble inorganic and organic pigments.

  • 34.47€


    Protective anti-infiltration for floors and walls in stone material. It drastically reduces the water absorption capacity, eliminates infiltrations, and aggregates the materials. It does not alter the appearance of the surfaces.

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