The best work of the month

Extraordinary cleaning of external porcelain tiles

4 April 2023

Back to our column dedicated to the most beautiful work of the month and this time to accompany us is the company FLOOR SHOP in Florence that has achieved an extraordinary cleaning of an external porcelain tiles.

FLOOR SHOP, in fact, among the various services it offers, has the treatment, sanding and polishing of floors and the professionalism of its team has created a perfect work of stain removal of a porcelain tiles surface.

How to clean external porcelain tiles

The cleaning of external porcelain tiles varies according to the different type of porcelain tiles itself and of course according to how much the surface we are interested in removing stains is dirty.

In general, the steps to be followed to restore the external porcelain tiles are:

  • remove any debris present, that is, sweeping away the leaves, debris and dirt present;
  • apply the right detergent to be diluted with water;
  • carefully rub the surface, taking care to use tools that do not scratch it;
  • repeat, if necessary, the process, allowing the porcelain tiles to dry or wipe with a cloth.

But let’s see how the team of FLOOR SHOP in Florence worked, which was faced with a rather damaged surface; the team of professionals used a specific product for this type of situation, namely the intensive detergent POWER DET.

Remove stains from porcelain tiles with the right detergent

In the eyes of the FLOOR SHOP professionals, the floor was dirty with trampling, as well as black and full of organic incrustations, algae, mold and limestone.

To restore this surface, the artisans of the Florentine company used the detergent for the extraordinary cleaning of POWER DET porcelain tiles, diluting it to 50% in water and then spreading it on the surface.

pavimento in gres porcellanato esterno bianco durante il trattamento con power det

At this point they rubbed the floor with the use of a single brush equipped with BROWN DISC, then collecting dirt residues and then rinse with clean water, until the complete removal of the product and dirt on the surface.

Thanks to the extraordinary work carried out by the FLOOR SHOP team, it was possible to remove this external porcelain tiles and make it come back as new.

The products covered in the article
  • 19.61€


    Specific detergent for porcelain tiles for extraordinary cleaning to remove halos, stains, and any laying residues. It brings the material back to its original appearance.

  • 14.68€

    BROWN DISC MARBEC | Very Abrasive

    The BROWN DISC is composed of a polyester structure with a high density of resin and mineral. It has high resistance to acid or alkaline substances, it is used wet to carry out manual dewaxing and descaling washes. Ideal for: Descaling cleaning on cotto and porcelain tiles; Dewaxing cleaning on cotto, stone and cement.

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