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Restoration of a Impruneta cotto: the intervention of Pippolo company

30 January 2024

In the world of construction and interior design, the Impruneta cotto floor represents an elegant fusion of tradition and modernity. However, when accidents such as breaking a water pipe cause significant damage, it is crucial to rely on qualified professionals for recovery. In this context, the experience and skill of the Pippolo company have proved crucial.

After the breaking of a water pipe in a residential building, the Impruneta terracotta floor has undergone whitening and damage to the surface treatment due to the ingress of water into the screed of the material. The persistent water caused the formation of white salts of saltpeter, compromising the stability of the floor and causing the separation of the wax treatment.

Deep cleaning

The experienced craftsman of Pippolo company has faced with determination and competence the problem of the damaged floor, adopting a methodical approach that has proved fundamental for the success of the intervention.

The first step in this recovery process was a careful assessment of the situation. The craftsman opted for intensive cleaning, recognizing the importance of removing damaged layers and returning the material to its raw state. To perform this phase with precision, a single-brush machine with a brown disc was used, ideal to address the specific challenges of Impruneta cotto.

The use of Marbec products, in particular SGRISER and VIACEM, played a key role in the success of the operation. The choice of these specific products has proved successful thanks to their advanced formulation and the ability to act in synergy.

SGRISER: This product has offered a powerful deodorant action, acting effectively on the removal of bleaching and even wax caused by water. Its ability to penetrate the pores of the cotto allowed a targeted elimination of impurities, preparing the ground for the next phase.

VIACEM: After using SGRISER, VIACEM was used to consolidate the cleaning process and remove and neutralize the debinding phase with SGRISER, by chamfering the saltpeter created by the material. The combination of these two products has returned to the floor not only its original cleanliness but also the natural rough texture, eliminating any unwanted residue.

Recovery process

With the floor now clean and free of damaged layers, the restoration process began. The first phase saw the application of the stain-resistant product EXCEL PLUS, which acts effectively to prevent future stains. Subsequently, a coat of the PRIMAMANO NEUTRA levelling primer was applied, which is fundamental to ensure a uniform and stable base. Finally, two coats of the IDROFIN MATT anti-dirt and anti-wear finisher were applied, ensuring long-lasting protection and a high-quality aesthetic finish.

Thanks to the meticulous work of the Pippolo company and the use of Marbec products, the Impruneta cotto floor has been restored to its original beauty. The restoration not only eliminated water damage, but also gave the floor a new vitality and strength.

This intervention not only restored the house to its original aesthetic, but also stressed the importance of relying on qualified professionals to face challenges of this kind. The care and attention dedicated by the Pippolo company to this project confirm their reputation for excellence in the field of restoration and protection of floors.

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