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How to clean the awnings with Emilia&Pippo

7 March 2024

When it comes to cleaning awnings, it is essential to use effective products and techniques to ensure amazing results. Emilia&Pippo, a company renowned for deep and extraordinary cleaning, has recently done outstanding work on cleaning a polyester awning using the product PULISCI TENDE. In this article, we will explore the detailed process used by Emilia&Pippo to bring the outdoor awback to its original beauty.

Polyester curtains

Polyester awnings offer an ideal combination of durability, versatility and practicality. Thanks to the inherent resistance of polyester to weathering, these tents are able to withstand the harmful effects of sun, rain and wind without losing their shape or color over time. The lightweight nature of polyester makes them easy to handle and install, allowing for a quick transformation of outdoor spaces into shaded and comfortable areas. In addition, the wide range of colors and designs available allows you to customize the curtains to suit any environment, satisfying the aesthetic and functional needs of the owners.

However, these awnings can be subjected to the accumulation of dirt over time, which make the fabric opaque and unattractive. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the awning cool, clean and functional.

Cleaning process with PULISCI TENDE

Emilia&Pippo have followed a strict process to clean the awning in polyester: using the specific stain remover for effective cleaning of outdoor fabrics, they were able to remove smog residues, Biological encrustations, dust and return to the fabric its original brightness without compromising its integrity.

Let’s see better the process done for cleaning the outdoor awning:

  1. Spraying of PULISCI TENDE: The product PULISCI TENDE has been sprayed evenly on the surface of the awning, ensuring complete coverage.

2. Action Time: After application, PULISCI TENDE was left to act on the surface of the awning for a few minutes, allowing the detergent to penetrate and act on the dirt.

3. Wipe with White Swab: Using a white buffer, Emilia&Pippo performed a gentle rub on the surface of the awning. This combination of chemical and mechanical action has helped to remove the most stubborn dirt and scale.

4. Rinsing with Pressure Washer: Once the scrubbing phase has been completed, the awning has been re-washed with a pressure washer to completely remove the detergent and any dirt residue.

5. Natural Drying: Finally, the awning was left to dry naturally, ensuring a flawless result without damaging the fabric.

Amazing Results

Thanks to the use of the product PULISCI TENDE and the meticulous care of the team of Emilia&Pippo, the outdoor polyester awning has been completely transformed. All traces of dirt and opacity have been eliminated, leaving the curtain radiant and as new. Professional cleaning of the tents is essential to keep them in optimal condition and prolong their life. Emilia&Pippo once again demonstrate their competence and dedication in the field of extraordinary cleaning, offering a high quality service that exceeds customer expectations. If you need help on how to clean stained awnings, Emilia&Pippo is the ideal choice for a flawless result.

The product of the article
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    Stain remover specific for the cleaning of all fabrics of tents and gazebos outdoors. Removes dirt, mold, smog, salt, and excrement from tissues without damaging them.

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