8.53VAT Included

8.53VAT Included


8.53VAT Included

8.53VAT Included

Detergent for cleaning of curtains

Stain remover specific for the cleaning of all fabrics of tents and gazebos outdoors. Removes dirt, mold, smog, salt, and excrement from tissues without damaging them.

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Characteristics and use:

PULISCI TENDE is a stain remover specific for the effective cleaning of outdoor fabrics.


  • is an ideal cleaner for cleaning acrylic, polyester, dacron, nylon, kevlar and other external fabrics.
  • quickly removes dirt, mold, smog, salt and excrement, restoring the color and shine;
  • does not weaken the fibers and does not spoil the colors of fabrics;
  • does not contain solvents, is odorless;
  • is an eco-friendly product and is readily biodegradable;
  • has low foaming properties.

How to use

  • Ready to use.
  • Spray PULISCI TENDE on the surface to be treated and wait a few minutes.
  • Wipe the surface with a sponge or nylon brush until the dirt is completely removed.
  • Rinse with water. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse with water.


  • according to dirt, approximately 750 ml/ 7-10 m².


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What are the advantages of using PULISCI TENDE for cleaning outdoor fabrics?

The advantages of using PULISCI TENDE for cleaning outdoor fabrics are numerous and significant. This specifically formulated product is designed to remove dirt, stains, and weathering agents from outdoor curtain fabrics, ensuring effective and long-lasting cleaning. One of the main benefits of using PULISCI TENDE is its ability to restore the original appearance of outdoor curtains. Over time, fabrics can accumulate dirt, dust, and stains that can compromise their aesthetics. This product helps eliminate these imperfections, giving the curtains a fresh and clean look. Additionally, PULISCI TENDE is particularly effective in removing stubborn stains from outdoor fabrics. It can successfully tackle stains such as grease, oil, mold, and other hard-to-remove substances. Its powerful formula penetrates deep into the fabric fibers to completely remove the most persistent stains. Another significant advantage of using PULISCI TENDE is its ease of use. It is designed to be practical and efficient in cleaning outdoor fabrics. Simply spray it on the curtains, let it act for a moment, and then rinse it off with clean water. No special tools or equipment are required to achieve exceptional results. Finally, using PULISCI TENDE also helps extend the lifespan of outdoor curtains. By removing dirt and stains, wear and premature deterioration of the fabrics are prevented. This means that the curtains will last longer and maintain their original appearance over time. In conclusion, the advantages of using PULISCI TENDE for cleaning outdoor fabrics are manifold. This product offers an effective solution to restore the original appearance of curtains, remove stubborn stains, and prolong overall durability. Choosing PULISCI TENDE ensures comprehensive and long-lasting cleaning for your outdoor curtains.

Can I use PULISCI TENDE on any type of outdoor fabric?

Certainly! PULISCI TENDE is a specially formulated product for cleaning outdoor fabrics, so it can be used on various types of fabrics without issues. Whether it’s awnings, sunshades, umbrellas, or gazebos, PULISCI TENDE is safe and effective on common materials such as cotton, polyester, dacron, nylon, kevlar, and acrylic. Thanks to its gentle yet powerful formula, PULISCI TENDE easily removes accumulated dirt over time, such as dust, pollen, and stains caused by rain or sunlight. So, no matter what type of outdoor fabric you have on your curtains or garden furniture, you can confidently use PULISCI TENDE to keep them clean and in perfect condition.

Is PULISCI TENDE an eco-friendly product? What features make it environmentally friendly?

PULISCI TENDE is an eco-friendly product distinguished by its environmentally friendly features. This curtain cleaner has been specially formulated to reduce environmental impact while still ensuring impeccable cleaning results. One of the main features that make PULISCI TENDE environmentally friendly is its composition based on natural and biodegradable ingredients. This means that the product easily breaks down in the soil without releasing harmful substances into the environment. Additionally, PULISCI TENDE is free from aggressive chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, and phosphates. This not only makes it safe to use at home but also helps preserve the health of the surrounding environment. Another important feature of PULISCI TENDE is its ability to effectively remove dirt and stains from curtains without damaging them. This means that large quantities of the product or repeated washes will not be necessary, reducing water consumption and environmental impact. Finally, PULISCI TENDE is packaged in recyclable or compostable materials, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and the promotion of environmental sustainability. In conclusion, PULISCI TENDE represents an eco-friendly choice for curtain cleaning due to its environmentally friendly features such as natural ingredients, absence of aggressive chemicals, cleaning effectiveness, and sustainable packaging.



Hazard statements: Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements: Wear eye protection/face protection. – If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.

Ingredients in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 648/2004: 
Phosphates 5%< C <15%, anionic surfactants<5%

UFI: SK20-4070-800E-HD9M

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