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Recovery and restoration of black slate stone: all you need to know

29 August 2023

The recovery and restoration of black slate represents an art that goes beyond the simple repair of a surface. Black slate, a natural stone of intrinsic beauty, often used for roofing, flooring and wall coverings, can lose its original splendor over time due to exposure to weathering and daily wear. In this in-depth exploration, we will immerse ourselves in the world of recovery and restoration of this fascinating stone, learning the techniques and best practices to bring black slate back to its initial magnificence. Through this guide, we will discover the secrets behind the recovery and restoration process, preserving not only its aesthetics but also its durability over time.

Characteristics of the Italian slate

In the context of architecture and design, Italian slate is a natural stone widely appreciated for its unique characteristics. Also known as black slate, this stone is renowned for its beauty and durability.

It is a metamorphic stone, formed by clay sediments and organic materials that, over millions of years, have been compacted and transformed into a smooth and resistant material. The Italian areas of Valchiavenna, Valmalenco and Valtellina and Lavagna are renowned for their production of quality slate.

Italian slate is distinguished by its rough and irregular surface, which gives a distinctive appearance to any environment in which it is used. Its dark shade creates an elegant contrast with other materials and colors, making it a popular choice for flooring and wall coverings.

In addition, this material is also distinguished by its versatility: thanks to the variety of sizes available and the possibilities of custom processing, it can be used in different architectural and expressive contexts multiple design styles, representing a quality choice for those looking for a natural stone with timeless charm.

Uses of Italian slate in different sectors

Due to its unique characteristics, slate is used in various ways, both for practical and aesthetic purposes.

Black slate stone is also widely used as a flooring material: thanks to its wear-resistant surface, slate is a popular choice for interior flooring, and the refined appearance of the stone gives a touch of class to the surrounding environment, creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

In interior settings, Italian slate adds a touch of luxury to fireplaces, kitchen tops, bathrooms and walls. Its aesthetic versatility adapts to both modern designs and more traditional spaces, giving a sense of depth and dimension thanks to its unique structural characteristics.

It should be noted that slate floors are also very practical, as their surface makes them easy to clean and maintain over time and offers a wide range of colors and textures, allowing you to create attractive and sophisticated walls.

Main factors causing the deterioration of Italian slate

In the context of the deterioration of Italian slate, several factors can contribute to the degradation of this precious material. One of the main causes of the degradation of Italian slate is exposure to atmospheric agents and chemical corrosion.

In fact, moisture, rain and acidic substances and temperature changes can damage this material over time. Such factors can cause the formation of cracks and cracks on the surface of slate, compromising its structural and aesthetic strength.

In addition, chemical corrosion is another significant cause of the deterioration of Italian slate. Aggressive chemicals in the surrounding environment can react with the material, causing aesthetic damage. For example, exposure to corrosive acids or solvents can gradually erode the protective layer of the surface.

To preserve the integrity of Italian slate and mitigate its deterioration, it is essential to take appropriate preventive measures: regular maintenance and cleaning and treatment can help prolong the life of the natural beauty of Italian slate.

How to prevent and protect Italian slate from deterioration

We talked about Italian slate as one of the most precious and fascinating materials in the world of furniture and construction. However, in order to regain beauty and restore a new uniform appearance to the material, it is essential to adopt specific treatments.

This is where the Marbec Black Stone Kit comes into play as an indispensable ally. Let’s then explore the best practices on how to clean slate for protection and extraordinary maintenance of the surface, but also the protective treatments available for slate, that can help to preserve its aesthetic appearance and extend its life over the years with Black Stone Kit.

This range of products has been designed specifically for cleaning, protection and restoration of natural stone surfaces, such as Italian slate. This kit contains a combination of products that act in synergy to remove white stains on slate and previous treatments, regenerate the uniform color of discolored slate and give stain protection.

Kit black stone includes several specific products that work in synergy:

  • SGRISER: Strong cleaning agent for stone materials, which removes dirt and surface stains without damaging the stone and previous wax treatments and prepares the material for the first treatment with BRIGHTSTONE NERO.
  • TAMPONE ROSSO: Slightly abrasive sponge specific for extraordinary cleaning of stone surfaces;
  • BRIGHTSTONE NERO: Stain-resistant impregnation for black slate and black stones, which helps to restore the uniform color of the material, reviving its natural luster.

To get the best results in the care, restoration and protection of Italian slate using the Marbec Black Stone Kit, carefully follow the detailed instructions for each product.

Once the product has been impregnated with BRIGHTSTONE NERO, it can be decided to apply anti-dirt wear finishes to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of the surface, namely IDROFIN MATT or LUCIDO, POLIFIN or, in the case of outdoor floors, PAV05.

Always remember that on black slate decalcifying acid products should not be used, but you can resort to the use of UNIPUL detergent.

By grasping every detail carefully, you will unlock the maximum potential of the benefits offered by the Marbec Black Stone Kit. This kit turns into an indispensable companion for external slate treatment restoration, defense and loving care of black stone surfaces, just like the enchanting Italian slate. In this way, its splendor will remain intact over time, testifying to your dedication to its beauty. And do not forget that for any doubt or problem you can contact us by mail (, via whatsapp (at n. +393348578502) or by phone (at n. +390573959848). We are always ready to provide you with free assistance!

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