12.95VAT Included

12.95VAT Included


12.95VAT Included

12.95VAT Included
  • Anti-degradation finishing wax
  • Maintenance anti-degradation wax

Wax for cotto and external stone materials

Protective finishing anti-dirt, anti-degradation wax resistant to atmospheric agents and trampling for cotto, stones and terrazo.

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Characteristics and use:

PAV05 is a protective finishing wax for absorbent stone materials placed outside: cotto, natural absorbent stone, cement.


  • is a water-based product, odourless, not dangerous and easy to use;
  • increases the protection of materials treated with water repellents and prolongs their life;
  • has excellent anti-dirty, anti-degradation and weathering-resistant properties;
  • drastically reduces the growth of algae on surfaces;
  • highlights the colour of the material and does not form a thick film on the surface leaving a good vapour permeability to the material;
  • makes the surfaces easier and faster to clean and is preserved over time through ordinary cleaning with ECOMARBEC detergent and the application of PAV05 once or twice a year.

We always recommend the application of PAV05 on surfaces treated with a water repellent such as TIM, IDROWIP, SILOX6 or ACTIV3.

How to use

  • It is used pure;
  • Shake well before use;
  • The product is distributed with spreading fleece, soft cloth or sponge. It must be spread in a thin layer by wetting the surface homogeneously and without doing excesses;
  • Dries quickly, generally in 2-3 hours;
  • Apply the second coat as soon as the first coat is dry.

Protect or prevent just treated surfaces from rain before 6 – 8 hours after application.
Do not apply on very hot surfaces during hours of strong insolation, on windy days or at temperatures below 5 ºC.

Types of application:

  • 1 coat: on absorbent surfaces;
  • 2 coats: on very rough surfaces.


  • Approximately with 1 lt / 8-14 m2.


  • ECOMARBEC Biodegradable degreasing detergent for ordinary and extraordinary cleaning of stone materials.



PAV05 is the protective anti-dirtwater-based wax for cotto, natural stone and cement, not dangerous and easy to use. It protects cotto surfaces from atmospheric agents and from the wear of time, reducing the growth of algae on the surfaces of external stone materials.

Once cleaned and degreased properly, can PAV05 be applied without any previous product?

It is advisable to apply the product on a clean and dry cotto surface and previously protected with a water repellent.

Does it create a wet effect on stone?

PAV05 gives a waxed effect to your stone, if you want to give a wet effect to your stone we suggest you to apply before PAV05 the product BRIGHTSTONE.

What are the main features of PAV05 as a protective wax for exterior stone materials?

PAV05 protective wax is a finishing product specifically designed for the protection of stone materials treated with water repellents (e.g., IDROWIP, TIM, TON25, TON PLUS). Its main features make it an ideal choice for preserving and enhancing the beauty of surfaces like terracotta, travertine, cementitious aggregates, concrete pavers, and natural stone. One of the distinctive features of PAV05 is its ability to form a transparent protective layer on the treated surface. This layer acts as a barrier against weathering, stains, and damage caused by chemicals or daily abrasions. Furthermore, this protective wax is water and oil-resistant, ensuring long-lasting protection. Another feature that makes PAV05 an outstanding product is its ability to improve the aesthetic appearance of stone materials. Its special formula gives surfaces a polished look, enhancing the natural colors and veins of the material. This means that it not only protects the material from external damage but also enhances its intrinsic beauty. Its formula leaves no sticky or unsightly residues on the treated surface and ensures quick drying without leaving streaks or streaks. In conclusion, PAV05 is a high-quality protective wax that offers effective and long-lasting protection for exterior stone materials. Thanks to its main features, this solution is capable of preserving the beauty and integrity of surfaces, ensuring excellent results both aesthetically and functionally.

What are the positive effects of PAV05 on weather resistance and dirt prevention?

PAV05 is a product that offers numerous positive effects on weather resistance and dirt prevention. Thanks to its advanced formula, PAV05 creates a protective barrier on the treated surface, making it more resistant to the harmful effects of rain, sun, wind, and other adverse weather conditions. The ability of PAV05 to repel dirt is another important feature. Due to its special formulation, this product prevents the accumulation of dust and other unwanted particles on the treated surface. This means that objects or structures protected with PAV05 require less maintenance and frequent cleaning. Furthermore, PAV05 is capable of protecting surfaces from stains caused by external agents such as biological encrustations (algae, moss, lichens), and UV rays. Thanks to these positive effects on weather resistance and dirt prevention, PAV05 proves to be a reliable ally in keeping surfaces clean and protected over time.

How is PAV05 applied to stone materials? Is it easy to use?

The application of PAV05 on stone materials is a relatively simple and convenient process. PAV05 is applied to surfaces previously treated with water repellents to protect them from the effects of time. To use PAV05, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the stone material to remove dirt and impurities. Subsequently, the product is applied evenly to the surface using a brush or a sprayer. It is important to ensure complete coverage of the entire area to be treated. Once applied, PAV05 forms an invisible protective barrier that penetrates the pores of the stone material, protecting it from harmful weather conditions. This helps prevent the formation of stains, discoloration, and deterioration over time. The ease of use of PAV05 allows for its application by both industry professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to achieve the best results. In conclusion, the application of PAV05 on stone materials offers an effective solution to protect and preserve the natural beauty of stone, terracotta, and concrete surfaces. Thanks to its ease of use and long-lasting benefits, this product is an ideal choice for those looking to maintain their stone materials in optimal conditions over time.

What is the expected duration of the protective effect of PAV05 on stone materials?

The protective effect of PAV05 on stone materials is of great interest to those involved in conservation and restoration. The expected duration of this effect is a crucial consideration when using this product to protect stone surfaces. Thanks to numerous studies conducted, it has been possible to assess the effectiveness and durability of the protective effect of PAV05 on stone materials. The results have shown that this product offers long-term protection, providing greater resistance to aging, atmospheric erosion, and aggressive chemical agents. The expected duration of the protective effect depends on various factors, such as the type of stone material treated, the environmental conditions to which it is exposed, and the intensity of use. However, in general, it is estimated that the protective effect of PAV05 can last up to 2 years before a new treatment is needed. Nevertheless, it is advisable to apply a light coat once a year to ensure peak performance. It is important to note that the actual duration may vary depending on specific circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly monitor the condition of treated surfaces and assess whether it is necessary to reapply the product to maintain the desired protection over time. In some cases, even once a year, in spring. In conclusion, PAV05 offers excellent protection for stone materials, and its expected duration can be considered satisfactory for effective long-term preservation.


Hazard statements: none


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