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29 August 2023 Recovery and restoration of black slate stone: all you need to know

The recovery and restoration of black slate represents an art that goes beyond the simple repair of a surface. Black slate, a natural stone of intrinsic beauty, often used for roofing, flooring and wall coverings, can lose its original splendor over time due to exposure to weathering and daily wear. In this in-depth exploration, we […]

31 July 2023 How to recover and waterproof wooden houses: useful tips

Summer has arrived and it is the ideal time, for those who have a garden, to spend time in wooden houses, which add a touch of charm and naturalness to our outdoor space. However, they are exposed to several environmental challenges that can compromise thenike air force jordan bouncing putty egg jordan air force 1 […]

16 June 2023 How to remove rust and make your porcelain tiles floor shine

Greetings to all from your Nicola that this month wants to give you the right directions to solve a nice problem, the rust! In this article, in fact, I want to give you the right tools and products to remove rust from your porcelain tiles floors. Rust forms on the floor when iron in or […]

13 June 2023 Power Det: the ultimate solution for cleaning porcelain tiles

Proper cleaning of porcelain tiles is essential to preserve its original appearance, but it is easy to give in to the temptation to use home remedies. However, solutions such as vinegar or ammonia are ineffective and potentially harmful. These products often contain aggressive or acidic ingredients that can cause corrosion and damage the floor surface […]

21 March 2023 Cleaning external floors: the five most frequent cases

Greetings to all from your Nicola who returns on these virtual pages to give you advice based on the most frequently asked questions that you ask me. This time we talk about the cleaning of external floors that can be victims of scale, algae, mold, weather events but also oil or rust stains. So let’s […]

19 January 2023 Nicola recommends: a new product for toilet cleaning

First of all, a greeting to all, with a great wish for a happy new year for the just begun 2023! In this section dedicated to my advice, this month I want to present our new product that you will not find in supermarkets, being a professional article to descale toilets from persistent incrustations of […]

22 September 2021 Nicola’s advice: how to clean and maintain the parquet

It is not enough to use a parquet product: to obtain the desired results, you need to use the product that meets the specific need! Frequently asked questions about cleaning and maintaining parquet

9 August 2021 Nicola’s advice: how to remove marker stains from doors

How to remove marker stains with the right technique and the best products If you need to remove writing and marker stains from doors, here are tips to make them look good again!

3 May 2021 Nicola’s advice: are you taking care of your parquet in the right way?

Do you need a proper parquet maintenance? Follow my tips to always keep it perfect! I’ll tell you about my direct experience and what I have learned about the best methods to keep the parquet beautiful and clean over the years.

8 March 2021 Nicola’s advice: how to clean a Tuscan cotto effect porcelain tiles from encrustations?

If your terrace in Tuscan cotto effect porcelain tiles is covered with mold and encrustations, follow Nicola’s advice and make it shine. Follow all Nicola’s tips to have a top house!