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Nicola recommends: a new product for toilet cleaning

19 January 2023

First of all, a greeting to all, with a great wish for a happy new year for the just begun 2023! In this section dedicated to my advice, this month I want to present our new product that you will not find in supermarkets, being a professional article to descale toilets from persistent incrustations of limestone, rust and black biologic stains.

A new weapon to de-scale and sanitize (exclusive online)

If you are wondering what can be a unique, professional, and effective product for descaling and sanitizing washing of WC cisterns and cups, the answer is in the new DISINKROSTO WC.

It is a strong acid detergent for descaling. One of its fundamental characteristics is to adhere to any type of surface, even vertical. DISINKROSTO WC allows you to remove the most stubborn deposits, reaching even the most hidden corners through a special internal sprayer.

How to use Dinskrosto WC

First you need to apply the product around the toilet cup and along the water flow surfaces, then let it act for a period of about fifteen/twenty minutes.

At this point, it is necessary to have a BLUE BUFFER or a kitchen sponge to remove the most stubborn incrustations and then do flow the water of the exhaust to make the final rinse.

For the washing of the wastewater cisterns, however, you first have to close the water loading tap and proceed with the emptying of the cassette. At this point, we proceed by wetting, with the product, the surfaces we intend to clean and waiting about fifteen minutes.

At the end of this last operation, you can reopen the drain tap, waiting for the cassette to fill with water, empty the cassette, and repeat, if necessary, the loading and unloading a few times.

Some indications for using this product correctly

Finally, it is important to underline how in the use of DISINKROSTO WC some simple but important precautions must be taken. The advice is to wear gloves and protective clothing, also covering eyes and face, to avoid serious burns or injuries, skin, and eye, or irritation of the respiratory tract.

In case of contact with the skin, or hair, it is therefore essential to remove immediately contaminated clothing, rinsing the skin maybe with a nice shower, while in the case of contact with the eyes you need to rinse them thoroughly for a few minutes, removing any contact lenses.

The importance of properly sanitizing the toilet

Keeping your sanitary clean is extremely important first of all to counteract the presence of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to human health.  

The other reason, then, why it is essential, through the right products, to sanitize the WC, is linked to the formation of limestone concretions, encrustations that host microorganisms, that will hardly leave their “home” once settled.

The pipe cleaners that we normally use for the elimination of microorganisms and the lack of consistency with which the sanitation procedures are carried out (which should be performed every time you use the toilet) remain among the main problems when talking about toilet cleaning.  

To keep the toilet clean it is, therefore, essential to sanitize it regularly, so as to avoid the uncontrolled multiplication of germs and bacteria harmful to our health. For this type of operation, it is extremely important to use, as well as for any type of cleaning, specific products.

DISINKROSTO WC, which is part of the large family of Marbec products, is the right answer to this need; following the instructions carefully and taking the right precautions in the use, DISINKROSTO will be the perfect product for descaling and toilet cleaning.  

That’s all for this time, I’ll wait for you next month with another of my tips!  

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