48.24VAT Included

48.24VAT Included


48.24VAT Included

48.24VAT Included

Anti-stain impregnating agent

Concentrated impregnating protector for stone materials. With strong wet effect, long-lasting. Resistant to staining substances, weathering, and UV rays. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Characteristics and use:

OIL WET is a wet-look impregnator for stone materials.


  • Tones the material, significantly enhancing its color.
  • Forms an extremely stain-resistant protection against normal-use chemicals, weathering, and microorganisms (algae, mold, etc.).
  • UV-stable and does not fade over time. Fills the pores of the stone material without leaving surface polymer films, maintaining significant vapor permeability and does not flake or peel.
  • Easy to apply due to its low viscosity and moderate drying speed.
  • Can be pigmented with OILTONER at 3-15% for personalized effects.

To protect the base treatment with OIL-WET and to make the surface easier to clean and maintain, it is recommended to apply the wear-resistant and anti-stain finishing waxes IDROFIN LUCIDO/MATT, POLIFIN on internal surfaces, or PAV05 on external surfaces.

How to use

Apply only on clean, dry, and untreated surfaces. Generally, one or two coats of OIL-WET are required depending on the material’s absorption level.

  • OIL-WET can be diluted with the diluting agent DILUOIL according to the material’s absorption;
  • For absorbent materials (e.g., terracotta), it is recommended to dilute one part of OIL-WET in one or two equal parts of DILUOIL;
  • For less absorbent materials (e.g., marble, slate), it is recommended to dilute one part of OIL-WET in four equal parts of DILUOIL;
  • Shake the solution of OIL-WET and DILUOIL vigorously before use;
  • Apply OIL-WET with a spreading cloth or soft cloth, wetting the surface evenly and following the material’s absorption;
  • After about 15-30 minutes, remove excess product from the surface by rubbing it with a soft cloth;
  • Apply a second coat if necessary on a dry and non-sticky surface, following the above procedure.

It generally dries in 24-48 hours depending on the room’s ventilation.

Avoid wetting the surfaces for 12-24 hours.


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What are the main advantages of OIL-WET impregnator for stone materials?

This innovative product provides superior protection against stains, moisture, and harmful weather conditions.

One of the main advantages of the OIL-WET impregnator is its ability to penetrate deeply into stone materials, creating an extremely effective protective barrier. This means that your floors, countertops, or claddings will be protected from any long-term damage.

Furthermore, this impregnator is designed to enhance the resistance to foot traffic and wear of your stone materials, ensuring that they maintain their original appearance over time. The ease of application and extended durability make OIL-WET an ideal choice for those who want to keep their stone materials in optimal condition without spending a lot of time on maintenance.

How does the OIL-WET impregnator affect the color of stone materials?

When applied to natural stones, the OIL-WET impregnator penetrates deep into the material’s pores, emphasizing the natural tones and giving a unique shine. OIL-WET not only protects surfaces but also enhances the material’s color. The end result is a bright and vibrant surface that enhances the intrinsic beauty of the stone.

Thanks to its low viscosity and moderate drying speed, this product stands out for its ease of application and the amazing results it guarantees.

An interesting aspect of the OIL-WET impregnator is the possibility of customizing its effect through the use of OILTONER pigment. By adding from 3% to 15% of this pigment, you can obtain unique shades and tones that perfectly suit the aesthetic needs of any material.

How does OIL-WET protect materials from stains, weather conditions, and microorganisms?

OIL-WET is an innovative solution that offers extremely resistant protection to materials from various external threats. Thanks to its advanced formulation, this product forms an effective shield against stains, weather conditions, and harmful microorganisms such as algae and mold.

One of the distinctive features of OIL-WET is its ability to resist common chemical substances, thus ensuring prolonged durability of treated materials. Furthermore, being stable to UV rays, it does not fade over time, preserving the beauty and integrity of the protected surfaces.

Thanks to its ability to saturate material porosities, OIL-WET guarantees long-term protection, minimizing the negative effects of wear and environmental pollution. With OIL-WET, you can preserve the original appearance of materials over time, ensuring greater durability and resistance to external agents.

What is the duration of the protection offered by OIL-WET against material aging and fading?

The protection provided by the OIL-WET product lasts for about 10 years, but the duration varies greatly depending on the weather conditions to which the surface is exposed. In any case, the product can be reapplied as needed if the previous layer degrades.



Hazard statements: Flammable liquid and vapors. – Causes serious eye irritation.

Precautionary statements: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, or other sources of ignition. No smoking. Wear protective gloves and eye/face protection. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists, seek medical advice. Store in a cool, well-ventilated place.



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