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12 February 2024 How to clean the floor joints effortlessly

If making a floor shine is already complicated, making the joints shine is even more difficult! If we were to compile a ranking of household annoyances, after the dust that is created at the speed of light, the halos that appear on the glass with each flap of butterfly wings, in third position enter by […]

17 November 2023 How to Polish a Terrazzo Floor: Your Complete Guide

Terrazzo is one of the most well-known and used materials in Italy for flooring. While it fell out of favor after the 1960s, it has recently regained vitality, reclaiming popularity in high-quality renovations and high-end construction. Terrazzo is a durable cementitious composite, but understanding its characteristics and proper care is crucial to maintaining the beautiful […]

6 October 2023 How to clean the glass of the wood stove: remedies and tips

The cozy warmth of a wood or pellet stove can make winter much more pleasant, but over time the stove glass can become dirty and opaque due to soot and ash. This can not only impair the view of the flames, but also decrease the energy efficiency of the stove. Let’s see together how to […]

5 September 2023 How to clean mold from walls: Your Complete Guide

Have you ever looked up at the ceiling or at the corners of the walls just to discover annoying grayish spots? If so, you should know that these stains could be a sign of a common household problem: mold. It is unsightly and can pose a health threat, but fortunately, there are effective solutions to […]

31 July 2023 Heat, mosquitoes and lemongrass stains

How to effectively remove wax and citronella oil stains from floors Summer has arrived, time for outdoor dinners with friends and chatting in the garden, all in the company of useful candles scented with lemongrass, our best ally to keep away the annoying mosquitoes. However, it often happens to discover that hateful stains are created […]

20 July 2023 Acquablock: Waterproof the Terrace without Removing the Floor

Micro water infiltrations (caused by small cracks or cracks less than 1.5 mm thick) are a common problem that can compromise the structural integrity of the terrace. However, with ACQUABLOCK, you have an effective ally to waterproof your terrace without having to face the removal of the existing floor. In this article, we will provide […]

15 May 2023 How to clean stained granite: user guide of acido HP4

Granite is a type of igneous rock that is formed by the cooling and solidification of magma or lava deep below the Earth’s surface. It is composed of minerals such as feldspar, quartz and mica, which give it its characteristic spotted appearance. It is a material known for its hardness and wear resistance, which make […]

12 May 2023 Various ways to clean steel: practical tips and ideal products

If you are looking for the solution to clean a steel surface, removing stains without leaving halos, you are definitely in the right place. For a quick but at the same time effective DIY, however, it is necessary to identify, as always, the product suitable for the surface category. After some quick general advice on […]

8 March 2023 Restoration Parquet: tips and products for effective DIY

If you are looking for an effective method for the restoration of parquet, to be renewed without smoothing and to be treated if damaged, this is the article for you, since we will give you advice for an effective and quality DIY. This is how you can independently revive damaged parquet. How to restore the […]

21 September 2021 How to protect external surfaces for the winter

The external surfaces could be damaged during the winter: here’s how to avoid them with Marbec! Solutions for cleaning surfaces in stone and wood materials