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Various ways to clean steel: practical tips and ideal products

12 May 2023

If you are looking for the solution to clean a steel surface, removing stains without leaving halos, you are definitely in the right place.

For a quick but at the same time effective DIY, however, it is necessary to identify, as always, the product suitable for the surface category. After some quick general advice on how to clean steel, we propose our solutions to identify the best products for every type of situation.

When to clean the steel

In the absence of cleaning and routine maintenance, stainless steel can, in the long term, be the victim of corrosion, oxidation, rust and stains.

Chlorides, acids, as well as iron particles and high temperatures can affect this type of material and for this reason it is equally important to take the necessary precautions, for example, avoiding using abrasive sponges or detergents and chloride detergents when you plan to carry out its cleaning.

Stainless steel also needs to be cleaned regularly in order to preserve its integrity and maintain a pristine appearance. For an ordinary cleaning, to be performed every six months or so, the advice is then to use a soft nylon brush to remove the dirt that has accumulated over time.

However, when the steel surface has become particularly dirty, with the presence of signs of surface discoloration or corrosion, ordinary cleaning may not be enough and for this reason it is necessary to use the most suitable specific product for an extraordinary intervention.

Marbec products for steel cleaning and care: practical tips and instructions

The biodegradable detergent SANI-KAL BIO, ideal for descaling cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens, faucets and sanitary ware, is the ideal product to clean stainless steel, since it is able to remove limestone and rust from this type of surface.

It is a ready-to-use product to be sprayed directly on the surface, using a soft cloth or sponge and letting it act for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

For the cleaning of steel, in general, it is recommendable to use VETRONET, a detergent designed for ordinary cleaning, which cleans perfectly without leaving halos and which must be simply sprayed on the surface before being distributed with a soft and dry cloth.

If you have to give new life to the steel kitchen the ideal product is PULI ECO, also very easy to use (it is enough to spray it on the surface and let it act, before rubbing with a microfiber cloth and rinse with water), an ecological degreasing detergent that leaves no harmful residues.

Detergente ecologico ipoallergenico PULI ECO | MARBEC

And there’s more. In fact, if your problem is to remove the fatty patinas from the steel hoods, our advice for a perfect do-it-yourself is to rely on PULI FUMO, another degreasing detergent that removes soot, carbon black, carbon residues and fatty substances.

Pulizia forno e stufa PULI FUMO | MARBEC

In this case, after spraying it on the steel surface, it is necessary to wait a few minutes before rubbing the surface with an oven buffer or a PBT brush, finally rinsing with hot water.

Finally, if you are looking for a product to clean, degrease and polish steel, the ideal product is CREAM INOX which, as the name suggests, is a cream that cleans, degreases and polishes stainless steel surfaces, while for a perfect protection you just have to rely on SHOWER BRILL, an anti-scale protection to be used, after cleaning with SANI-KAL FORTE or SANI-KAL BIO, simply spraying it on the clean surface, where it will be left to act for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

Thanks to these products the stained steel will return to shine and the dirt will be just a bad memory!

  • 4.44€


    Degreaser detergent for the ordinary cleaning of cooking ovens, barbecues, grills, glasses of fireplaces and stoves, pots and ovens from carbon residues, grease and soot.

  • 3.56€


    Strong descaling detergent for surfaces that are tenaciously encrusted by deposits of limestone, urine, soap residues and rust stains. Leave the surfaces clean, shiny and bright.

  • 3.56€


    Detergent for the ordinary cleaning of glass, mirrors, polished marble and glossy ceramic coverings. Also ideal for cleaning stainless steel, plastic laminates and enamelled surfaces.

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