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Restoring an external teak floor: step-by-step guide

26 June 2024

An external teak floor is an element of great charm and functionality, but over time and exposure to the weather can lose its original appearance, becoming gray and opaque. Restoring its splendor not only improves the aesthetics of your external space, but also contributes to its durability. This step-by-step guide will guide you through the steps necessary to bring your teak floor back to its best state. Following our suggestions carefully, you will enjoy a floor that looks new, with a renewed beauty and shine.

What is teak 

Thanks to its characteristics, teak wood is one of the most used tropical woods for external surfaces. In fact, it lends itself very well to this type of use as it is very resistant to mold, bacteria and weather. Obviously, despite being very resistant, teak wood can also lose its original characteristics; in fact, it must be considered that the sun, the rain and all the atmospheric agents to which it is constantly exposed, can dull and oxidize it.

How to treat external teak 

Let’s see how the professionals of the company Incredibile Davide and Massimiliano Pasqualetti intervened using Marbec cleaning products.

Before starting any work, it is important to assess the state of the teak floor. If the wood is only slightly grayed, deep cleaning may be sufficient. If the wood is damaged or cracked, you may need to understand how to treat external teak.

The teak wood surface in question appeared dark, damaged by the sun and the weather, while the impregnating protection had never been serviced so it was almost completely gone.

What were the steps to bring the external teak floor back to its original appearance?

  • Floor cleaning: First the surface has been washed with SMACCHIO LEGNO to remove the graying of the wood and bring the wood back to its optimal condition.
SMACCHIO LEGNO is the intensive cleaner for the removal of the ageing patina, specific for wood laid outdoors.
  • Sanding: If the wood is very damaged, it may need to be sanded with sandpaper.  Once dry, the surface was lightly sanded with a paper of 80 grit, to lower the teak wood fibers that had risen with the washing of SMACCHIO LEGNO. This step eliminated the raised wood fibers and made the surface smooth and even.
  • Wood protection: Finally, two coats of the protective impregnating agent FLUOIL were applied, a water-based product for the treatment of wood that gives the material greater weatherability than traditional oils.

External teak treatment is a relatively simple job that can be done in just a few steps. By following the instructions in this article, you can breathe new life into your teak floor and enjoy it for many years to come.

The products covered in article
  • 11.05€


    Specific stain remover for the removal of the grey patina of aging of rough woods. It gives the wood a new aspect and removes stains and tannin halos, preparing the surface for the application of a new protection.

  • 37.92€


    Oil-waxy impregnation specific for vertical surfaces, windows, doors, garden furniture and external wooden structures in general. It counteracts aging and graying, enhancing the natural characteristics without creating films.

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