The best work of the month

The best job of January: fantastic recovery of a teak floor

3 February 2021

The best job of January literally made us daydream.
This work made us ride on the waves of imagination, imagine distant horizons, reach unexplored routes,
explore deep abysses; we made you curious, right?
We do not want to keep you on “thorns”, now we tell you everything.
Together with the talented artisans of the Sanapro company,
we took part in a work of great value: the recovery of a teak floor of a fantastic luxury yacht,
62 meters long.
Crossing the bow and stern of this fantastic boat really gave us unique emotions.
Work to remove the stains from the wood of the flooring to bring it back to its original beauty made us particularly proud. Let’s immediately discover the interesting steps.

Teak floor: characteristics

To understand how to best intervene and clean a teak floor, we must first of all discover its main characteristics.
By identifying the main characteristics of this particular material, we will also understand why it is so appreciated
by architects and naval engineers to cover luxury yachts and boats.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL

Teak is a tropical hardwood tree of the Verbenaceae family.
Typical of Asian tropical and subtropical forests.
This wood is distinguished by a color that varies from pale yellow to bronze.
The main advantage of teak comes from the particular natural oily resin that makes it extremely resistant and even protected from attack by termites.

Hardness, resistance and longevity are the three main characteristics that make it one of the most durable woods in the world.
Unlike any other wood, the teak floor withstands thermal excursions very well,
humidity, the attack of salt, and atmospheric agents, this is the reason why it is used and appreciated by the greatest shipowners in the world.

How to clean a teak floor?

Once you have discovered the wonderful characteristics of this particular wood,
we can learn how to best clean a stained teak floor.
To do this, we will follow the meticulous intervention carried out by the talented artisans of the Sanapro company who,
thanks to thirty years of experience in the recovery and treatment of floors and walls, it also operates in the naval sector where it deals with stain removal and fabric treatments and recovery and treatment of new teak and wood.

The talented craftsmen of the Sanapro company were called to intervene to remove dark stains from the wood.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL

The teak floor, due to a failure and the consequent breakage of an oil pipe of the hydraulic system,
it was completely covered with very deep black spots.

First, a strong thickened solvent stain remover was applied to the teak floor. It is
a specific product for removing stains left by synthetic lubricating oils and greases, silicone, glue residues, waxes: SOLVOSIL.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL
Strong solvent stain remover for removing oils, waxes, glues and silicones.

This cleaner is characterized by a powerful and deep stain dissolving action. Thanks to the special microporous thickener material, the action of the product can be suitably and easily prolonged over time.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL

To intensify the extraction action, the stained area was covered with an extensible plastic sheet.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL
teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL
After the exposure time, the whole surface was swept with a broom.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILLOnce the residues were eliminated, the floor was washed with a single disc machine and UNIPUL:
detergent for extraordinary and ordinary cleaning of all hard surfaces.
A product that ensures, at low concentrations of use, an intensive degreasing cleaning,
capable of removing old blackened surface layers of wax, deteriorated on the surfaces already treated.
UNIPUL does not leave halos after use and leaves a pleasant scent in the rooms.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL
Concentrated universal sanitizing detergent.

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL

teak floor Marbec SOLVOSILL


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