Do it yourself

Tips for cleaning up after your holiday perfectly!

31 August 2021

Returning from holiday brings us back to the daily reality made up of work and personal commitments.

A return to the beloved home which, in the meantime, has accumulated dirt even in its most remote corners.

Here are some simple tips to clean it up starting from the kitchen, once back from holiday, without going crazy.

How to clean the kitchen

After returning from holiday, putting down your suitcases and resting from the (long) journey, your thoughts may turn to what to cook for lunch or dinner (depending on the time of returning home!).

Cleaning the kitchen is therefore essential and our products meet this need, starting with PULI ECO, a sanitizing spray for surfaces, ideal for cleaning and breaking up residues of grease from hoods, refrigerators, hobs and tables, and from PULI FUMO, detergent for ovens and stoves.

Of course, you also need to check that you have not forgotten to close packets of pasta and biscuits (the risk is that insects have formed inside them), and finally to clean the refrigerator from bad smells or mold if it has been left unattached before departure.

Clean the bathroom at its best

Another fundamental and delicate part of the house is the bathroom, so it will be sufficient to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth, if you have done a thorough cleaning before departure.

Conversely, it will be good to use specific products for cleaning sanitary ware, such as the descaling detergent SHOWER BRILL, capable of attacking the limescale left by the water.

Cleaning at home after the holidays

Products to clean the living room

And if at this point you are already tired and would just like to sink into the sofa in the living room, it may occur to you that the latter also needs a post-holiday refresh.

Also in this case it is recommended to use specific professional products for the type of surface and the detergents PULIBRILL, UNIPUL and FLORA are able to satisfy individual needs.

Finally, for carpets and sofas there is PULI TEX, a ready-to-use product to be sprayed on the surface to be cleaned. It will then be sufficient to wait a few minutes before rubbing the upholstery with a soft cloth or sponge, then dabbing the residual part with a dry cloth and, as a last step … to relax on your clean sofa!

How to clean the bedroom

Last but not the least is the bedroom, ready to welcome us after the holiday that has kept us away from her.

A change of sheets, in this case, may be sufficient if you have been careful to put a towel over the bed before departure, but we could also take the opportunity to do a deeper cleaning, to air the mattress, to wash the curtains ( at low temperature and without exceeding with the detergent) and to give a cleaning with a sanitizing detergent to the bedside tables.

Finally, only the windows and floors remain (so to speak). For the former, the VETRONET universal sanitizing detergent can work well, while for the latter the matter becomes a little more complicated, because it depends on their composition; the advice, in this last case, is to choose the most suitable specific product based on the surface.

And the suitcases?

How do you say?

Haven’t you undone them yet?

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