15.80VAT Included

15.80VAT Included


15.80VAT Included

15.80VAT Included

Grey background for raw wood

Primer for the gray effect treatment of raw wood surfaces.

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Characteristics and use:

FONDO COLARIN2 is a product for carrying out a gray background treatment on all types of wooden surfaces placed inside.


  • is a black pigmented base in water dispersion for all types of raw wood indoors;
  • is a product of easy application on wood;
  • can be diluted in water to have more or less gray customized effects;
  • it is easy to sand;
  • can be painted or oiled;
  • is a product without VOC emissions.

How to use

Shake well before use and ensure complete pigment dispersion.

You can apply pure or diluted in water depending on the gray effect of the desired background:

  • pure for dark gray effects;
  • diluted 1 part product in 1/3 part water for intermediate grey effects;
  • diluted 1 part in 4/10 parts water for light gray effects.

How it applies:

  • It can be applied to sponge, rag or brush by wetting evenly the surface to be treated until it is completely saturated;
  • Normally dries in 30-60 minutes depending on the ventilation;
  • During the wet and cold season and in closed or poorly ventilated rooms, the drying time can lengthen considerably;
  • After drying, the base can be sanded to the desired effect and the wood can be immediately painted or oiled;

To obtain “graying” effects of the wood, it is advisable to apply white pigmented impregnating agents (e.g. TIROIL, OLIO TECNO mixed with 2-10% OILTONER BIANCO or HYDROIL INTERNO mixed with 2-10% IDROTONER BIANCO).


  • normally 1lt/6-8 m².


  • TIROIL Waxy oil impregnator solvent-based for raw wood;
  • OLIO TECNO Fast drying oil-waxy impregnator for raw wood;
  • HYDROIL INTERNO Water impregnator for the treatment of raw wood.


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