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Cooked recovery of a Tuscan Manor House of the ‘ 700: piece beautiful March pi

23 March 2017

This month we are featuring the work of recovery of handmade terracotta surface a beautiful structure immersed in the Tuscan countryside

Radda in Chianti, a beautiful medieval village from the very ancient origins. Today the buildings and the surrounding landscape preserve their appearance; the countries are connected by picturesque country roads on which does not permit advertising display posters, just so as not to affect the purity of the scenarios. Roadstead in Chianti is located in the area of the black Rooster, one of the most popular spots of the Tuscan countryside, which produced one of the world’s wines, Chianti Classico and pi good destination for tourists who want to enjoy the purity, tranquility and splendor of the landscape surrounded by nature. This is why we have chosen this month to talk about the surgery performed to retrieve the tiled floor of Relais Vignale executed by the firm Point Service, Chianciano Terme (SI) specialized in the treatment and maintenance of terracotta surfaces. null undefined This old manor house dating back to 700 houses a traditional structure where the handmade terracotta and stone are the main elements of an architectural style that integrates seamlessly with the landscape all around.

How come you can ruin the terracotta provide consistently to routine cleaning?

The handmade cotto a delicate material, but at the same time easy to maintain as long as you use the procedures and the right techniques, for this important run from time a much professional work with specific products. In our case for the terracotta floor cleaning products that have been used by the time they lost effectiveness and were beginning to spoil material, but fortunately thanks to the intervention of professionals of the firm Point Service who carried out this work using Marbec cleaning products, the floor back to its original appearance and now we see how to intervene.

Recovery of terracotta: the first phase

The tiled floor was covered by a black surface uneven patina and at certain points in the finish was blown. To remove this patina and bring back the original color step Service professionals cotto made the following interventions null

Products used:

  • SOLVALL sfilmante solvent Cleaner for stone materials
  • SGRISER strong alkaline/solvent cleaner wax remover for stone materials
  • VIACEM strong acid descaling detergent for terracotta and pottery

Treating terracotta: the second phase

Once removed the gloss from the surface, which gave the cooked the dark color and Matt was able to proceed with the surface treatment to bring them back to their original state. null

Products used:

  • 1 hand of TIM protettivo water-oil repellent based on water for absorbent stone materials
  • 1 coat of NEUTRAL PRIMA MANO MAGAZINE Leveling anti-dusting flour for stone materials
  • 1 coat of ROYAL WAX wax Finisher concentrate for handmade
  • 1 hand of IDROFIN MATT Finishing stain and dirt cover for stone materials

In one week the floor of Relais Vignale reprised his original appearance! null


Firm that carried out the work

POINT SERVICE of Campos Rosella and Isidore’s Paul Address

Via San Michele 23/25

53042 Chianciano Terme (SI)

Tel:0578 30475 338 2518918 329 9296682 Facebook: Point Service

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