31.67VAT Included

31.67VAT Included


31.67VAT Included

31.67VAT Included
  • Impregnating agent

Impregnator for wood

Oil-waxy primer in fast drying water base for the protection and treatment of wooden floors, walls, furniture and furniture, placed inside. Resistant to stains, dirt and tread wear.

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Characteristics and use:

HYDROIL INTERNO is a protective oil-resinous-waxy primer for all the raw wood surfaces placed inside (floors, coverings, wooden structures, furniture and fixtures).


  • is a water-based product, odourless, not dangerous and easy to use;
  • it is easy to use and fast in drying 30-60 minutes and allows you to finish a course of treatment within a few hours;
  • gives wood resistance to water, stains and wear;
  • enhances the natural color of the wood leaving a transparent and opaque finish on the surface with a silky touch of high value;
  • gives the wooden surface a non-slip finish, resistant to water, stains, dirt;
  • can be easily pigmented with IDROTONER (max concentration 10%. e.g. 1kg of HYDROIL INTERNO / 100gr of IDROTONER) to have customized finishes. All the colors obtained are transparent and leave the natural design of the fiber unchanged;
  • is a product with a low VOC content (volatile compounds);
  • It is strongly recommended the application of BIOTOP OPACO to complete the treatment to give additional protection against dirt and wear;
  • It is easy to maintain over time through the ordinary cleaning with the detergent PULIBRILL and the application of the finishing wax and anti-spig maintenance, anti-degradation BIOCARE OPACO once or twice a year.

Do not apply to painted wood.

How to use

The product should be applied to clean, well sanded and rough wood surfaces.

  • Mix well HYDROIL INTERNO before use;
  • The product is generally applied in two coats, it can be applied with a brush, a roller with satin hair, evenly wetting the surface of the wood;
  • Apply a second coat as soon as the first coat is dry;
  • It is not necessary to sand between one hand and the other, except in the case of any wood brittleness; in this case it is advisable to lightly sand the surface with abrasive paper (e.g. grit 150).

Usually dry in 30-60 minutes.

Yield: as a function of wood absorption:

  • on low absorbent wood 1 kg / 10-15 m²;
  • on absorbent wood 1 kg / 7-10 m².


  • PULIBRILL Cleaner concentrated rinse aid pH neutral specific for ordinary cleaning of wooden floors;
  • BIOTOP OPACO Anti-dirt, anti-degradation protective finisher with natural effect for treated internal wood impregnated with oil;
  • BIOCARE OPACO Anti-dirt maintenance wax, anti-degradation with natural effect for treated internal wood impregnated with oil.



Can HYDROIL INTERNO be applied on oiled or painted surfaces?

No, it can be applied only on raw wood and only on treatments carried out with HYDROIL INTERNO

Why use HYDROIL INTERNO and not classic oil or paint?

Because HYDROIL INTERNO is faster and easier to apply, dries quickly, is restorable and easy to maintain over time, as well as being ideal for DIY. In addition, it is a water-based product, is odorless and does not contain solvents. With the application of HYDROIL INTERNO in a day you can treat an entire floor or furniture, as a coat of product dries in about 30 minutes. 

Is the product pigmented?

No, but you can pigment with IDROTONER in a maximum of 10%. 

Why is the application of BIOTOP or BIOTOP OPACO wax recommended after that of HYDROIL INTERNO?

BIOTOP and BIOTOP OPACO are anti-dirt wear finishers that protect the basic treatment from the wear and tear of detergents. They are applied only once and are maintained by applying 1 time every 6/12 months the maintenance wax BIOCARE or BIOCARE OPACO. Proper maintenance prolongs the life of the initial treatment and maintains the aesthetic and protective characteristics of it.


Hazard statements: Safety data sheet available on request.

Contains: Cobalt complex, borate neodecanoate. – May cause an allergic reaction.

VOC (Directive 2004/42/EC): Impregnating agents for wood that form a film of minimum thickness.
VOC expressed in g/litre of product ready for use: 20,00. – Maximum limit: 130,00


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