Collect Marbec products whenever you want: discover the fermopoint service

11 April 2023

Among our goals as Marbec there is also improving the customer experience and, for this, we thought to implement within our site a service that will certainly be useful to improve the delivery of our products.

This is fermopoint, a BRT service, a “convenient and safe alternative to home delivery that frees you from waiting for the courier at home”, allowing you to “pick up your purchases at the store at the time of day that is most convenient”.

Servizio postale che invia una scatola di cartone al cliente davanti a una casa all'aperto. Servizio di spedizione arrivo e invio all'indirizzo del cliente.

How does the fermopoint work

BRT-fermopoint is a service for those who, by choosing to ship a product at home, are not at home at the time of delivery.

By accessing the site through a link that is located within the mail delivery you can in fact select the nearest BRT-fermopoint when entering the section “delivery options”.

A service designed by BRT in 2020, a year that, as reported by the company’s website, “has brought great changes in our habits”, which allows “choose the most convenient place of delivery if you are not at home, thanks to the more than 6.500 BRT-fermopoint (newsstands, tobacco shops, stationery, etc…) and the 196 BRT branches present on the national territory”.

Marbec Product Collection Point

To further improve the quality of our service and to be even closer to our “family” of loyal customers, we in Marbec have decided to add this service, to the site, to distribute our products.

Using BRT-fermopoint each of our customers will then be sure to receive the goods, even if they are not at home at the time of delivery.

Booking a collection at a fermopoint is easy. After logging in with your data, or by registering with a new account, you can browse the map to find a fermopoint store nearby. At this point, once you click on “book a collection” and purchase a fermoticket, you will receive an email or SMS that will warn you that the package is ready to be picked up.

Through the receipt of collection, where the Nickname, the fermoticket number, the name, the surname and the ID number must be reported, you can then collect the Marbec products ordered, in peace of mind.

But we don’t stop there. BRT-fermopoint, in fact, allows you to offer this service in many European countries, where shipping at collection points is now a habit.

Our next goal is therefore to guarantee this comfort to our many customers outside Italy!

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