Recovery of a discolored parquet

2 February 2024

Parquet, with its timeless elegance and the natural beauty of wood, is a fascinating choice to cover the floors of our homes. However, over time, even the finest parquet can lose its original splendor due to wear, exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. A common problem that afflicts owners of wood floors is the discoloration of parquet, a phenomenon that can make dull what was once bright and radiant.

In our article, we will explore the causes of the discoloration of parquet and present practical and effective solutions to restore its original beauty. From choosing the right products for daily cleaning and maintenance to applying specific techniques for repairing discolored areas, we will guide you through a series of remedies that will help you recover and preserve the flawless appearance of your wooden floor. You will rediscover the joy of walking on a parquet that reflects the warm natural light and gives a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

The painted parquet

The painted parquet floors give the house a touch of sublime elegance and beauty, being a natural material adds to each room a warm and comfortable note. Wood, a versatile material, lends itself well to furnishing both rustic and modern environments but we know that, with this material, attention is never too much. That’s right, a painted parquet floor is very delicate and it’s particularly subject to wear. With time, wear is almost inevitable, just think about trampling, how can you avoid it? In fact, the painted parquet floors, compared to those in ceramic or synthetic material, are easily damaged and undergo:

  •     the bumps;
  •     atmospheric agents such as humidity or exposure to sunlight;
  •     scratches of sharp objects on the surface.

However, the choice of finish can help us to preserve our parquet floors. Choosing a suitable painting in fact, these unpleasant events can decrease. Let’s find out specifically the pros and cons of painting the parquet and then how to recover a damaged parquet.

Pros and cons of painted parquet

  • Advantages of painted parquet: a painted parquet has a more or less transparent film layer, which protects the wood surface from stains, scratches and liquids. The painted finish tends to cover the natural color of the wood, but to overcome this problem, you can opt for countless original paint and colors, from pure white to a carbon black, to modern grays or stay on a natural color.
  • Disadvantages of painted parquet: the painted finish, even if more resistant than the others, tends to wear out over time and when worn out it creates an unpleasant aesthetic effect.

But if the parquet is already discolored and stained, don’t worry: recovery is possible with the LIGNOLIFE product from Marbec!

Causes of discolored parquet with stains

The discoloration of painted parquet can be caused by several reasons. Let’s see together the possible main causes:

  1. Exposure to sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade the paint over time. This is especially noticeable if the parquet is constantly exposed to UV rays without any protection.
  2. Excessive wear: Painted parquet can discolor due to excessive wear. Frequent movements of heavy objects, constant trampling or the use of abrasive shoes can damage the paint.
  3. Humidity: Excessive humidity or extreme changes in humidity can affect the stability of the wood and cause damage to the paint, leading to discoloration.
  4. Aggressive chemicals: The use of too strong detergents or abrasive chemicals for floor cleaning can damage the parquet paint.
  5. Chemical reactions: Some chemicals present in certain carpets, shoes or furniture may react with parquet paint, causing discoloration.
  6. Paint quality: The quality of paint used can affect the resistance to discoloration. Low quality paints may not withstand external influences well.
  7. Inadequate maintenance: Inadequate maintenance, such as a lack of regular cleaning or the lack of application of protective layers, can encourage the discoloration of painted parquet over time.

Remedies for the bleached parquet

When painted parquet floors show signs of dulling, discoloration or even grayness, signals of the initial degradation process, you can intervene to renew the finish and return a uniform tone to the surface. In case of dulling and slight discoloration, it is advisable to perform a cleaning with PULIBRILL and WHITE BUFFER, followed by the application of products such as LIGNOLIFE or LIGNOLIFE OPACO, which with their strength can recover the painted wood, without having to discard the surface and remove all the old paint. With a few easy moves, the annoying scratches and unpleasant stains will disappear from our parquet and become just a distant memory. But let’s discover in detail the characteristics of the product and the stages of a recovery treatment of painted parquet. Marbec has developed an innovative treatment system designed to preserve and restore the beauty of the natural color of your parquet. This advanced solution not only protects the floor, but also promotes its restoration, ensuring a long life and a lasting liveliness. With its renewed and expanded formula, our treatment system is designed to meet the most demanding needs, offering complete protection and effective regeneration of parquet.

LIGNOLIFE is an anti-dirt product with excellent protective ability and resistance that protects our surfaces from trampling. Furthermore, it gives the material a very bright finish, resistant to water and detergents. Easy to use, it is applied on dry and clean surfaces.

  1. Apply 1 or 2 coats of product with a cloth or sponge, make sure to evenly wet the entire surface;
  2. if necessary, just dry the first one, apply the second coat of product;
  3. let the product dry perfectly.

However, if the re are gray areas that indicate a deeper damage of the painting, it is necessary to carry out a stain removal treatment using a specific product such as SMACCHIO LEGNO, applied with a WHITE BUFFER. After this step, we proceed with a degreasing and neutralizing cleaning, using PULIBRILL and WHITE BUFFER to prepare the support for the restoration. Then, to restore protection to the wood and block the absorption of liquids, apply OLIO RAVVIVANTE. These maintenance practices help to preserve the appearance and durability of the varnished parquet floor.

Once the recovery phase is over, the surface appears bright, nourished and completely restored. To keep this painted parquet  recovery treatment longer, we advise you to do an intensive daily maintenance with dedicated products:

  • PULIBRILL: concentrated detergent with neutral pH specific for the non-aggressive cleaning of wooden floors;
  • BEAUTY FLOOR: product of maintenance and protection of painted wooden floors placed inside.
  • BEAUTY FLOOR OPACO: product of maintenance and protection of painted opaque wooden floors placed inside.
discolored parquet before and after treatment with LIGNOLIFE product

Do not hesitate to contact us or send us photos of your surfaces on whatsapp at no. +393348578502 for further details or advice. We are at your disposal to answer questions or provide additional information.

I prodotti trattati nell'articolo
  • 9.04€


    Detergent for wood and parquet specific for ordinary and extraordinary non-aggressive cleaning on materials and treatments. It maintains the brilliance of the initial treatment over time.

  • 27.15€


    Finisher for the renovation of polished varnished parquet. It gives the surface a new tone, a glossy finish, shine and resistance to washing and trampling.  

  • 31.66€


    Finisher for the renovation of opaque varnished parquet. It gives the surface a new tone, an opaque finish and resistance to washing and trampling.

  • 13.82€


    Maintenance wax for glossy painted wooden floors. Protects, revives, and preserves the surface and the initial treatment over time.

  • 18.51€


    Maintenance wax for matt-painted wooden floors. Protects, revives, and preserves the surface and the initial treatment over time.

  • 11.05€


    Specific stain remover for the removal of the grey patina of aging of rough woods. It gives the wood a new aspect and removes stains and tannin halos, preparing the surface for the application of a new protection.

  • 29.28€


    Impregnator specific for the recovery of floors, walls, fixtures and wooden furniture inside and outside painted deteriorated and grayed. It renews the color and the initial finish, re-guarding the wood.

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