21.11VAT Included

21.11VAT Included


21.11VAT Included

21.11VAT Included
  • Anti-degradation finishing wax

Floor wax

Specific matt finishing wax for completing the treatments of cotto, stone, and terrazzo placed inside. Over time it protects the basic treatment of the material and its initial aesthetic characteristics.  

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Characteristics and use:

IDROFIN MATT is an opaque finish for absorbent stone materials placed inside: cotto, absorbent natural stone, terrazzo.


✔ is a water-based, non-hazardous and easy-to-use product;

✔ is strongly recommended at the end of treatments with water-oil-repellent protective agents, oil-waxy impregnating agents, and leveling primers, as it protects the surfaces from wear over time and avoids the deterioration of the base treatment;

✔ does not alter the appearance of the material and does not form a thick film on the surface leaving a good vapor permeability to the material;

✔ creates an easy-to-apply resin-waxy micro-layer on the material, which reduces the penetration of dirt and makes surfaces easier and faster to clean;

✔ is preserved over time through ordinary cleaning with the FLORA detergent and the anti-dirt, anti-degradation maintenance wax REFIX LUCIDO.

How to use

Normally it is used pure.

  • Apply on clean and dry surfaces;
  • Shake well before use;
  • Apply the product in small quantities of product on the surface and distribute with a soft cloth, fleece spreader evenly on the surface;
  • Do not step on the product during drying;
  • Apply any second coat as soon as the first is dry.

It generally dries in 2-3 hours.

Application types:
• 1 coat: on smooth and not very absorbent surfaces;
• 2 coats: on rough surfaces.

Depending on the absorption of materials:
on materials with a rough surface 1 lt / 10-18 m²;
on materials with a polished surface 1 lt / 20-30 m².

– FLORA Concentrated detergent with neutral pH, ideal for ordinary non-aggressive cleaning of treated stone materials;
– REFIX MATT Opaque maintenance wax for the reinstatement of the anti-wear, anti-dirt finish of the wax treatments on absorbent stone materials laid inside.


What is IDROFIN MATT used for?

It serves to protect the basic treatments and prevent them from wearing out.

Can I apply IDROFIN MATT outside?

No, because it is a wax that does not have high resistance to atmospheric agents. If you want to apply a wax on the outside, you can use PAV05.

How often should IDROFIN MATT be reapplied?

IDROFIN MATT is generally applied once only, but is maintained with REFIX MATT maintenance wax once every 6/12 months.


Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request.

VOC (Directive 2004/42/EC): One-component high-performance paints.
VOC expressed in g/liter of ready-to-use product: 22,00. – Maximum limit: 140,00


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