60.30VAT Included

60.30VAT Included


60.30VAT Included

60.30VAT Included
  • Impregnating agent

Impregnating agent transparent wood

Transparent impregnating oil for wooden floors placed inside, with ultra natural effect. Resistant to stains and trampling. It doesn’t turn yellow over time.

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Characteristics and use:

OLIO ZERO is a transparent impregnating emulsion based on oils, resins, waxes and special inert additives for raw wood floors placed inside.


  • is a water-based product, odourless, not dangerous and easy to use;
  • gives a super natural matt effect to the wood, does not create films or glossy patinas and does not change the color of the raw wood;
  • it is resistant to stains, wear and trampling;
  • is stable over time in sunlight and blocks oxidation and natural yellowing of wood;
  • is a low VOC (volatile compounds) product, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

To increase the protection of the surface treated with OLIO ZERO and facilitate cleaning and maintenance, the application of BIOTOP OPACO is strongly recommended to complete the treatment to give additional protection against dirt and wear.

Do not apply to painted wood.

How to use

The product should be applied to rough, clean and well sanded wood surfaces (100-150 paper).

  • The product is used pure and mix well before use;
  • Always need three coats of OLIO ZERO;
  • It is applied with short hair roller by distributing a veil of uniform product on the surface;
  • When the first coat is dried (1-2 hours) apply the second coat proceeding as for the previous one;
  • When the second coat is dry (at least 4 hours), make a light sanding with grain 180-240 to remove any brittle wood;
  • After removing the dust, apply the third coat as before.

It generally hardens within 24 hours. BIOTOP OPACO can be applied after complete hardening of the product.

Yield: In three steps:

  • 1 kg/6-8 m²;
  • (with spreader 125-160 g/m²).


  • BIOTOP OPACO Anti-dirt, anti-degradation protective finisher for internal wood.



OLIO ZERO changes color over time? 

No, OLIO ZERO makes the color of the wooden floors stable to the light of U.V rays, does not vary in color over time and is extremely resistant to trampling, especially if the BIOTOP OPACO finishing wax is applied. Leaves the wood with a totally raw effect.


Hazard statements: safety data sheet available on request. – Contains:, 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one. May cause an allergic reaction.

VOC (Directive 2004/42/EC): Varnishes and impregnating agents for wood for internal/ external finishes.
VOC expressed in g/litre of product ready for use: 90,00. – Maximum limit: 130,00.


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