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Restoration Parquet: tips and products for effective DIY

8 March 2023

If you are looking for an effective method for the restoration of parquet, to be renewed without smoothing and to be treated if damaged, this is the article for you, since we will give you advice for an effective and quality DIY.

This is how you can independently revive damaged parquet.

How to restore the parquet

First of all, we must consider that the varnish, a surface film that is applied on wooden floors and that can be glossy, matt or with a natural effect, is the wood finishing most used for the manufacture and assembly of floors in this material. It is in fact fast in application and, in common thought, the one that needs less maintenance.

It too, however, over time is consumed, deteriorating and leaving the wood alive without protection, with, for example, the formation of dark stains on old parquet.

For this reason we suggest a set of products that restore the wood, restoring color and tone, without having to redo a new treatment. A series of items that do not remove scratches and major damage, but that give a new uniformity of color and protection to the flooring, be it matt or glossy painted, extending its life. 

Renovating a glossy painted wood floor

First of all it is necessary to clean the wooden surface: dilute between 100 and 200 cc of detergent for wood and parquet PULIBRILL in a liter of water, spreading the product on the floor with the help of a rag and, after waiting a few minutes, rubbing the surface with a white buffer, rinsing finally with clean water.

The second step is therefore the application of the protective finish to restore the parquet, by applying one or two coats of LIGNOLIFE with a spreading fleece, a microfiber cloth or a sponge.

The parquet wax should be spread to form a thin layer and wetting the surface evenly, without leaving excess, applying a second coat as soon as the first is dry.

How to restore a matt painted wooden floor

Similar operation is to be carried out if you have to restore a matt painted wooden floor and then, even in this case, you will first rely on the detergent PULIBRILL concentrated rinse aid detergent, to be spread on the surface with a rag, before rubbing with a white buffer and then rinse with clean water.

This first step will be followed by the application of LIGNOLIFE OPACO, a specific wax for the restoration of parquet or matt painted wood, to be always distributed with a spreading fleece, a microfiber cloth or a sponge, applying the second coat as soon as the first is dry.

A system that allows to restore tone to the floors worn by the natural trampling and the inexorable passage of time.

Cleaning and restoration of internal painted wood

Our tips for do-it-yourself, this month, do not end here and another perfect product for the extraordinary cleaning of the internal painted wood is SMACCHIO LEGNO, a stain remover that gives this material a new appearance, removing stains and tannin halos.

Also in this case its use is very simple and it will be enough to apply it on the surface with a cloth, a brush or sponge, and then to leave it to act on the surface for about twenty minutes.

At this point the internal painted wood must be rubbed with a BLUE BUFFER, spreading on the surface the biodegradable detergent for wood DETERCLEAN, diluted to 50 percent in water, which eliminates the acid action caused by SMACCHIO LEGNO, finally rinses with PULIBRILL and repeating the application if necessary. 

Another alternative is to use the OLIO TECNO wood impregnating agent, always distributed with a soft cloth, a brush or a spreading fleece, then letting it act for about ten/fifteen minutes and then removing the excess product from the surface.

Thanks to these specific quality products and following the correct steps, in a short time you will be able to give a new life to your wooden floors!

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