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Dog pee: how to get rid of it from the floors?

24 March 2021

Here we are again, punctual as Swiss watches, talking about the equally punctual “domestic damage“.
As they say, every day is good to discover or create a small, large, unexpected, predictable “damage” that
is likely to endanger the beauty or conformity of the components in our home.
But let’s not lose heart, this monthly column has been created to help you to find as many appropriate solutions as possible,
also through useful tricks of the trade that few know, to brilliantly solve these unpleasant surprises.
Today, precisely, I want to talk to you about dog pee, a very well-known combination, right?
Anyone who has had a puppy in the house knows what I’m talking about.
Just like the unlimited and spontaneous love they give us, our fantastic four-legged friends,
especially as puppies, give us an equally unlimited amount of pee.
Sometimes it is almost impossible to intervene promptly and inevitably these “odorous” liquids
create horrible stains on surfaces that are very difficult to remove.

Undoubtedly, when we welcome a furry little one at home we must be aware that sooner or later these unexpected events,
even with all the attention of the world, could appear.
Fortunately, with my help everything can be solved, so do not despair but do as our friend Antonella
who wrote me and asked me how to clean dog pee on the floor.
Are you curious to find out how I helped Antonella? Let’s see it together.

Dog pee: why is it so bad for surfaces?

Before you find out how to clean dog pee on the floor,
I’ll tell you why your little friend’s urine is so harmful to surfaces.

Dog pee is a concentrate of urea, mineral salts, lactic acid and other substances that,
if present in high quantities, become toxic to the floor.

Depending on the materials, this liquid penetrates more or less deeply, compromising the integrity of the material.
Logically it is better to intervene first but sometimes, as mentioned above, it is not humanly possible,
in fact, it is enough to be distracted for a second that our little one will find the most hidden corner of the house to do its needs undisturbed.

These few seconds will be enough to make the dog’s pee soak and leave those annoying yellowish traces.

Dog pee: how to eliminate it with natural methods

Undoubtedly, timing is essential to intervene and recover the material.
My first advice is never using ammonia to clean and neutralize the smell of pee,
because this compound, instead of eliminating it, strengthens the smell, encouraging the dog to redo its needs in the same place.

To eliminate the odor, it is advisable to quickly dry the surface and use a mixture of water and vinegar.
To remove the stains, on the other hand, it is a completely different matter, just as happened to our friend Antonella,
we will have to resort to reliable and professional products such as those of Marbec. So let’s find out how to clean polished porcelain tiles.

How to clean dog pee from polished porcelain tiles floor?

Antonella’s floor is porcelain tiles: she wrote to me desperate for the horrible stains
discovered on the beautiful polished porcelain tiles.
The first and understandable dismay: “Nicola, will I have to endure the sight of these horrible spots forever?
Help, my floor is corroded”, was soothed by my reassurance.
Even if the floor was really compromised, the solution, thanks to Marbec products, is always found.

To make the porcelain tiles shine again, I recommended a specific treatment to Antonella:


Specifically, the first wash was carried out with POWER DET,
a concentrated detergent, specific for the extraordinary cleaning, stain remover of polished porcelain tiles surfaces,
honed and opaque.

Stain remover for porcelain tiles.

Considering the depth of the spots, it was necessary to combine, to get rid of the dog pee spots,
the strength of POWER DET with the light but incisive aggressiveness of TAMPONE BLU.


After the first wash, the surface has been sanitized with GRES BRILL, a concentrated sanitizing and descaling detergent for the frequent washing of porcelain tiles.

Concentrated anti-halo descaling sanitizing detergent for porcelain tiles.

From the photos of the post treatment, from the words of Antonella who thanks me warmly,
I can be satisfied and very happy with the result obtained; once again, together with these fantastic products,
we have solved an age-old problem.




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